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Thread: Diapers at work?

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    Default Diapers at work?

    How does one go about wearing diapers to work? I am kind of new to this scene because I don't work often go to work since I am a college student. I don't know if there is a thread already (if there is one just repost the link), but what are some tips about wearing diapers to work.

    Thank you in advance!

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    List of suggestions off the top of my head:

    Wear loose clothing

    Wear a (Solid color) onesie underneath your shirt

    Bring a backpack, so if you need to remove used padding you can (IE: Put the used into a plastic back, and back into your backpack to dispose of at home.)

    Changing isn't a bad idea if you're working eight hour shifts. Don't use powder, stick to a barrier cream or lightly scented lotion if possible. (Powder smells bad once it's been wet a while)

    Drink water, rather than soda. (Soda dehydrates you, and also makes your urine smell a lot worse)

    Act casual. Don't get antsy because you think someone noticed. They (probably) didn't if you just leaned over half a second while they were in the room.

    If you work in the food service industry - Don't touch your padding! Don't check it, don't squish it, don't adjust it. (I'd advise going with a very absorbent option in this case, so you don't need to worry about it so much) If you must adjust or something, do it in the restroom, off camera and wash your hands well. Don't want a little diapered fun turning into violent illness for those you serve.

    Though, the simplest way to get away with not being caught diapered at work is don't wear diapers to work.

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    Lots of good suggestions above. I wear an extra size larger in my jeans and usually wear plastic pants over the diaper to muffle the sound and catch leaks, though in the summer its not so much fun. I had experimented with different diapers at work, its best to wear a good absorbent one if you aren't going to use the potty at all. If you are going to wear but not wet, then you have a lot of options. I used to wear unique wellness briefs during the day until they decided to make them cheaper and more leak and noise friendly. Bambinos, Abenas, or Molicares tend to be my mainstay when diapered at work or anywhere really. I usually change mid day since I live near home, I just change my diaper at lunch time.

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    I wear out of necessity so i have to weat at work, fortunately I wear uniforms that are really loose and dark in color. I also ALWAYS wear a pair of underwear over my diapers because it helps hide them noise and the diaper that likes to play peek a boo. I f i have to change that is kind of a pain because there is only one pot in the whole building and every time i have to change its like the other 35 people there have to pee and wash their hands all at the same time, not that i care as i dont try to hide it but i do like to be discreet about it out of respect. I usually wear tena slip maxi or megacareline ultra plus so i can make it til time to leave and change once i get home but days happen where i must change at work and its ok the trick is just wear a diaper that has the capability to last all day without being so thick it hinders you.

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    I wore attends breathable extra absorbent at work when I worked in an office. Reasonably unbulky but abosrbant. Now I work out of an office in my spare bedroom so I wear cloth diapers, plastic pants and nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willnotwill View Post
    I wore attends breathable extra absorbent at work when I worked in an office. Reasonably unbulky but abosrbant. Now I work out of an office in my spare bedroom so I wear cloth diapers, plastic pants and nothing else.
    Thats awesome i wish i could work on tractor-trailers at home and in just a diaper! I am a bit jealous

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    For someone like myself, its rather easy to wear at work. I'm the only person in my truck when I'm on duty so I don't have to worry about those awkward questions or comments as to why I'm wearing a diaper.

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    I wear jeans to work and diapers hide well under there and my work shirt goes below my waist so it never rides up.

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    I always wear at work (mixed office/field duties) i'm usually wearing a Dry 24/7, then switch to cloth if I have to change mid afternoon. I also wear a support onsie every day
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    I wear cargo pants or shorts and a fairly elastic set of boxers over my L3 at work most days. My lunch cooler has a stealthy compartment in the lid I keep a change in as well as a 2gal ziploc and a pair of briefs in case I need them. I also keep a couple changes in the vehicle as well as some powder and a little container of lotion as well.

    The L4's are pretty low on the noise, but the boxers help a bit more with that. a diaper may try to "migrate" to one side or the other of the crotch seam in your pants, the boxers somehow do a good job of keeping my diaper centered. They also protect against the chance that the seam in your pants wears through your diaper's shell and you start dropping padding on the floor. (speaking from experience here, watch those pant/shorts crotch seams, they're very abrasive when you're moving a lot)

    The boxers I have also have one other benefit for me. The sides of the crotch tend to wrap around the crotch of my diaper, and prevent my diaper from staying in contact with the insides of my thighs. I have sensitive skin there for some reason, and that really keeps things comfortable and free of irritation. So ya, I'm a big fan of boxers over diapers.

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