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Thread: can someone please tell me what are these pull-ups?

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    Default can someone please tell me what are these pull-ups?

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    I have came accross Ա - ԣϲ (e-comerce of china) . anyway long story short have you guys seen this before? can someone tells me the fitting of these ? I can fit into goodnite, will these carrry about the same fits as goodnites? thank you

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    They won't be as effective as Goodnites, they are a cheaper version made for a cheaper budget. I haven't tried these myself, but, ice tried other store brands, and they are usually not as soft, stiff, and often resemble granny panties.

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    Cool! I can finally answer one of these! Okay, starting with size, they fit me just the same as goodnites (and im a 34' waist, with about 40' hips). They feel more like diapers than goodnites because of the cheap material, it feels more like a baby diaper than underwear, i can't explain it. The sides are alot like Pampers Underjams, and while they look small and weak, these pull-ups can STRETCH!

    All in all, they hold about the same as goodnites, so the smaller you are, and the less you go, the better. Mainly these are just for sleeping in, or for the cute design, they don't hold too well. I gota say, i enjoyed these like i enjoyed Underjams, and i prefer these cheap ones to Goodnites. Walgreens did something right, not like they're last bedwetting pull-ups. The ones they used to have were like depends regular old style underwear in the way the sides were. I would get these as soon as you can. You won't regret it!

    Sorry for the wall of text!~

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    I saw that walgreen's has a sale going on right now for these. You can buy two for $9.00. It looks like there is a limit of two. I'm going to see if the store in my area has any in stock tomorrow morning.

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    I bought these and I'm somewhat disappointed. These don't fit the same as Goodnites. They ride lower in the back for me. Oh well if anyone in Minneapolis Minnesota wants them send me a PM and they're yours.

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