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    This is something I thought of a while back. I was just reminded of it chatting with a friend and thought I would post it here, too.

    Here's the premise. You are an AB, who has finally found your Mommy/Daddy/Parent of Choice. Ideally this means full time babydom and all that comes with it. Realistically though, this may not be the case. There are going to be certain compromises that need to be made.

    For instance, say Baby doesn't want to give up Adult Privilege A. To get something you must give. If Baby wants to keep Privilege A, then action B must be done so the Parent doesn't feel cheated or otherwise put out by the demand.

    To give a specific example:
    Of all the adult privileges I risk losing in a full-time AB setup, the one I'd be most hesitant to give up is bedtimes. I chat with people online well into the night, and this would be a make-or-break to me. How do we compromise?

    Depending on how it hurts the scenario, my Parent and I could still go through the bedtime ROUTINE (story/bottle/tucking in/etc) though I'd be under no obligation to go to sleep. There could also a rule that after bedtime Mommy or Daddy's duty is done until morning. Meaning that my bedtime bottle, bedtime diaper, etc, is it. If I'm given a bedtime diaper at 9 PM, and wet it by 9:05, I'm stuck in that diaper til morning.

    What adult privileges would you most want to keep if you had to give them up? What would you be willing to do to be allowed to keep it?

    Also, vice-versa, what parental duties would an AB parent most wish to avoid? Or what Babyish activities would he absolutely insist the AB perform? What would you offer to get your way?

    Also, what other costs would be suitable for keeping a certain privilege besides what's initially posted?

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    I guess this is where a written contract would come into play, depending on how serious this was going to be, and how long the contract would be for.

    But I think everyone is different, and you would have to make the call on what you want to keep and just what you would be willing to do to keep it.

    I think I enjoy my freedom too much to give up anything.

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    There's not much I wouldn't give up. I wouldn't want to appear little and vulnerable to certain people--my parents for instance. But if I were with someone I trusted, they wouldn't want me to do things that humiliated myself or put me in a bad situations. And being someone's would be a much greater privilege than anything I get now.

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    Without being in a relationship, discussing compromises that I would accept is rather difficult. The fun part of negotiations is to discuss possible options to agree to a common plan of action. For one person, I may forbid the play partner from touching my diaper. In other cases, I may agree to diaper changes. For some people, the agreement may be Mutually Assurered Diapering (MAD, both parties agree to perform the same action upon the other).

    As a caregiver, I would negotiate for myself to wear diapers. The AB would probably find this odd and a compromise may be required. I would offer to give up wearing my favorite outfit around the house (diaper and t-shirt) in exchange for permission to wear a diaper. The end result would probably be me wearing a pair of jeans over my diaper and both of us having a crinkle sound.

    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    I guess this is where a written contract would come into play, depending on how serious this was going to be, and how long the contract would be for.
    Depending upon the activities and level of negotiations, a written contract may or may not be necessary for me. A modified written survey for the play scene could help guide the discussion to a quicker conclusion. I am not sure if a AB/DL one exists, but one borrowed from a BDSM website could give a good baseline.

    Compromise is all about reaching a mutually acceptable decision based upon both parties likes, dislikes, and comfort level. It is really hard to plan such a compromise ahead of time.

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