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    Greetings, fellow earthlings -

    I vaguely recall discovering this forum a few years ago, but I didn't start paying much attention until a recent submission and thread on PostSecret (I am "Interlocutor" on that thread).

    I'm an odd mix, a manly man with a submissive streak a mile wide. I am an overeducated engineer, tall and muscular (I spent a lot of time pumping iron while I was in grad school), an avid sport-touring motorcyclist, a master griller, and a maker of things (I enjoy metalworking and woodworking). And right now I'm wearing an ABU Cushie diaper with six Bambino quadro liners in it (three layers) and this shirt. I am fascinated by the idea of completely escaping or erasing my masculinity from time to time; I would love to look as good as the models at the Sissy Kiss Boutique, but the reality is that getting the details right would take far more patience, practice, and effort than I can reasonably give. So I satisfy myself with shorter, shallower forays. The cute prints of ABU Cushies diapers are a nice step up from the clinical look of most adult diapers, and a girly pink cropped tee is nice. I recently dropped off one of my regular t-shirts at a tailor and asked them to hack four inches of hem off of the bottom. I'll pick it up next week; it will look like less out-of-place than a pink girly-styled T does on my body, but it also will show off my diaper more.

    Married for about eight years. My wife knows - I told her a couple of years before we got married. She tolerates it. For a long time I tried not to rub her face in it, but lately I've been wearing in front of her more - in the past few weeks, on several occasions I've worn nothing but a diaper and a T-shirt (though not the one at the above Amazon link). After a recent discussion she was really bothered by the fact that I poop in my diaper when she's not around (I have a day off of work every couple of weeks). Well, it wasn't so much the pooping-in-my-diaper thing as it was the fact that I cleaned myself up afterwards in the shower that we both use. So now I have to make it a point to bleach-clean the shower after that sort of thing. No biggie. Obviously the absolute best thing would be if my wife enjoyed participating, but hey, a marriage involves compromise; you can't have everything. The rest of our marriage is pretty damn good.

    After browsing around here for a bit, I see I have some commonalities with others here:

    -I've been interested in wearing diapers since I was a toddler.

    -as a teen, I stole some baby diapers from a neighbor's garage to satisfy my urges.

    I wonder what else we have in common?

    Thought I was alone for a long time. In the 80's I was thrilled to see June Allyson shilling for Depends, and just about wet my pants one Sunday morning when I saw a coupon page with a picture of her holding up a complete Depends "Fitted Brief." At the age of 17 I ventured into a pharmacy miles from my house (to ensure I didn't encounter anyone I knew) and bought a package. I had the stereotypical movie experience: the cashier was a teenaged girl, and she had to get on the PA system to do a price check, which led to a prolonged and agonizing silence as we waited for the reply. Eventually I got out of the store with them. Somehow I managed to keep my secret from my parents, despite sleeping in them that night. I spent the entire next day jacked up on a bizarre adrenaline high; hard to explain what I was feeling.

    In grad school I discovered the usenet news groups at the age of 24. Browsing the list of groups, my eyes just about flew out of my head when I saw one called That was the first clue that maybe there were others out there like me. And of course, things have gotten better since then. Usenet went downhill, but the web has more than filled the void since then, and now we have places like this. Cool.

    See you out on the forums.

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! I hope you make some good friends here and find plenty of interesting topics to engage in.

    That tread on PostSecret is quite good. I'm happy to read how many people seem nonplussed or mildly interested by our unusual kink. I'm 99% sure my wife didn't send in the original postcard, but she just as easily could have said the same thing.

    You and I sound quite similar in a lot of ways. I'm a engineer and a motorcycle rider as well, and I love to tinker and build things and wrench on stuff. I also loved the early Depend commercials and print ads--so much so that a contrived a story to get the pharmacy to deliver a bag to my grandparent's house when they were out for the day. Sadly, the pharmacy didn't get he order right and brought me the strapped undergarments instead of briefs. The briefs back really looked amazing in that ad, didn't they? I wonder what they did to get the shape so perfect?

    As for your wife, it's good the hear you're among the lucky ones of us who have understanding partners. I'm especially fortunate in that my wife is also particpating--we wear to bed every night and it's become a fun bonding ritual we share. One big difference, however, is that I don't wet or mess so she doesn't have to deal with any of the icky parts of the fetish. I can see why your wife would want some limits there.

    Anyway, stay dry and happy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultrapampers View Post
    I also loved the early Depend commercials and print ads...
    The briefs back really looked amazing in that ad, didn't they? I wonder what they did to get the shape so perfect?
    Just for grins, I googled "June Allyson depends", and was amused to discover that someone on Ebay is selling that exact print ad that I mentioned.

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