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Thread: AB/DL Parent Question #3

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    Default AB/DL Parent Question #3

    Inspired in part by Pramrider's earlier two posts, I had a question of my own about what AB/DLs might do if they were parents in the following situation:

    What would you, as an AB/DL parent, do if your child came to you confessing that they had a desire to wear diapers? Alternatively, what would you do if you discovered diapers they had hidden, but they didn't know you had discovered them? What about if you caught them wearing a diaper?

    Since it was near-unanimous in Pramrider's thread on the matter, we can probably assume the child in question is unaware of their parent's AB/DL tendencies.

    Would you confide your own AB/DL side in this instance, to help them understand? Would you try to discourage them? Encourage them? Would you allow them to wear diapers? Forbid it?

    For me, I can only guess (of course), having no kids. I had a story idea that I've yet to write based on this prospect. Depending on the nature of the scenario, I like to think I'd allow them to have diapers, but conditionally. If they did their chores/homework/etc, and were otherwise responsibility free, they could do so. They could be taken away as punishment, as well. Forbidding diapers seems cruel, especially when I could sympathize with their position to a large degree. But at the same time, letting them go whole hog would seem a bad idea, too. To me, the way to go feels like it should be to let them know they aren't doing anything wrong, but at the same time make sure they understand this kind of thing should be kept private.

    But that's just my attempt to form an opinion. I could be wrong.

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    I don't think I would tell my child of my likes/desires, etc., but I would not discourage theirs. I would equate it to this - if your child came to you and asked about any sort of fetish, sexual practice, etc., would you say "Well, your mom and I do XXX," or "I fantasize about XXX when I masturbate." Your son or daughter is expressing their desires and not asking about yours. Would you want your parent to tell you about their fatishes, desires, practices?

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    i would play it as neutral as possible without being condescending or discouraging, yet not saying "go ahead! wear around your friends and relatives!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by closet dl View Post
    Would you want your parent to tell you about their fatishes, desires, practices?
    he's got a good point. because i CERTAINLY dont want to hear anything like that from my parents.
    but i would, empathetically, not discourage anything like that unless it were damaging.
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    I wouldn't talk about myself. I'd just tell him, what he does with his life is largely his business.

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    I would confront my kid about it. There's always the chance that he is having medical problems that need to be dealt with. If there are no medical problems I'll just act surprised but not judging. I'll let him use diapers if he wants as long as it doesn't notably interfere with other things. There's no way I'd tell him/her about my DL side though. That would just feel to awkward.

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    Depends on the child, and their age etc.

    On the whole I'd probably turn a blind eye, but when they acted suspicious I'd know why and give them room. I'd probably check their internet history to make sure they weren't on Deeker's or anything...

    If they came out to me I'd just be supportive etc. I wouldn't get involved other than offering support, I wouldn't buy them diapers for example.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't have any kids. But if I had a child that had diaper interests, my first reaction would be to make sure he/she didn't have any genuine medical/psychological problems that needed to be addressed. After that, I would certainly be emotionally supportive and non-judgemental. I would NOT disclose my own interests, however.

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    Is beating them over the head with a 2x4 an option. All the while your husban is killing your cats by putting them in the oven....

    Ah I'd ignore it and set him/her up a paypal.

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    I would be accepting, but equally feign ignorance. The child would benifit from the acceptance, but doesn't need to know that the parent does it. In fact, probably wouldn't want to know that the parent does it. I wouldn't helpt them buy stuff or anything, but wouldn't react against it either. The idea would be to encourage it to remain private like it should be.

    The only case where it would be benifical to tell the child that you share the same interests I think would be if they were depressed over it. In that case, it could be helpful to know someone who understands it - though I think a parent would be the worst possible person to be doing that roll, probably.

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