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Thread: How to you greet your friends?

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    Default How to you greet your friends?

    Do any of you greet your friends in any specific manner?

    I am rather introverted, and I have typically stuck with verbal greetings and handshakes. However, I have opened up a bit and I have found myself giving hugs every now and then. Granted, I still need to work on this, but I have found that hugs can help brighten up my day.

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    I love hugs! ^_^ I always hug my friends when I greet them, sometimes they hug me first. Being hispanic, I also give my friends a kiss on the cheek, sometimes its not even really a kiss as much as it is "touching cheeks and making a kissing sound" or sometimes we don't touch at all :P but generally for me I hug my friends and because of culture (and because all my friends are hispanic as well) its customary to kiss on the cheek. This is usually Female to Male or Female to Female, but never Male to Male (unless ur Italian or the other male is your father/uncle/grandfather/ etc. Italians dont give a damn, they'll kiss everyone! *giggle*) :P

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    depends on who and circumstance.
    a typical daily greet is, " 'reet?", or when jollier, "how y' diddlin' ?" or, "is thee reet, owd tater?"
    other times, other greets will be laden with profanities.

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    Well... well, being introvert and hugging people every then and now. Are we going to become friendly and outgoing? ;)... I'm just making bad jokes.

    But it comes down to that. So sometimes I find myself in a lack of giving hugs apparently. It always feels kinda strange to go for one, so speaking of the sign, that you wanna hug a certain person... And the more you think about it, the worse it get's.
    However I really like hugging! And I think it's a great way of greeting someone, without saying something, or not that much.

    Being honest, I also love and start immediately to smile a little, if I see people hugging eachother. It's a great sign of just showing how much you like and feel for a person. Although you're also getting hugged at the same time, so it's a sharing of this... simply being human.

    I'm going offtopic, so well hugging is great, though I end up being the second person, which "re-hugs", often ^_-.
    So besides this, especially with my best friend... I can be a meanie, pretty much, though she does the same. But come to think of actually, we hug a lot, and that's where I don't feel awkward about it. Anyway... it's in a silly way, so just speaking of saying: "I've got that cold hands! Seeeee?!" And already you got some very cold hands in your face or at your belly.

    Regarding my normal friends, I just tend to go for a "hey ya", mostly. So nothing special... there are surely better ways.

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    My little friends get 'hewwo' or, more often than not, a flying-tackle-huggle-snuggle-pounce. My family and non-little friends tend to get a cheerful 'hello'. Close friends and family usually also get a quick hug. My work colleagues get a formal 'good morning'.

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    I'm a pretty strong extrovert. Generally, it'll be a warm greeting for someone I see often and have encountered again (a classmate passing through the hall, for instance). It might be a hug and warm greeting for a friend that I don't see regularly. If it's someone I've chanced into and I haven't seen in awhile, it might be some exclamation of delight at seeing the person with a "How the hell are you?" and a big hug. I don't often do handshakes with close friends. Instead, I most often use a handshake with someone that I either know is really hesitant about hugs or someone I'm not as close with (e.g. an uncle, a classmate that I get along with but am not friends per se).

    I dunno, I'd say do what feels right at the moment, and pay attention. It's rather humorous when one person goes for a handshake and the other goes for a hug.

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    I run up to them tackle hug them to the ground and get back up as there lying on the ground confused, And i'm there giggling manically. How they haven't contended on about me I have no idea :S

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    'Sup, y'aright? or just a upwards head nod if I see them in passing but we're not in a position to talk.

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    I usually just say 'Hi!', but I've got an obnoxiously cute wave and a cheesy grin that goes with it.

    I think I've become a walking parody of an anime schoolgirl.

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    I don't say anything special, or have the same greeting every time. Usually a simple 'hi' or some other greeting, and other times I'll start the conversation with a subject I've wanted to talk to them about.

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