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Thread: Blog Question: "The Comfort Phenomenon"

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    Default Blog Question: "The Comfort Phenomenon"

    An AB blog I visit from time to time poses an interesting question for the incontinent (such as herself).

    Those who like can read the full post here. To sum up, however, she asks if those who are fully incontinent and mess their diapers have an easier time and/or find themselves pooping more frequently in places where they are comfortable, compared to where they are not.

    I apologize if I'm out of line in asking, as I'm not incontinent myself. I thought this was an intriguing question and that it was worth posting.

    If I'm way out of line, then I won't argue if someone opts to remove the post entirely.

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    First off, I love that blog! It is the best ever. The admin is so nice and genuine! Anyway, it was a really interesting article. I don't know anything about the comfort aspect, but there are places that, whenever I'm there, I need to go to the bathroom. Like one time I went #2 (in the toilette) at a bookstore, and now every time I go into a bookstore, I fell like I have to poop! LOL!

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    I don't know if this is related, or more caused by something else....But every time I come in out of the cold I always have to pee badly....I usually feel it though (which isn't really generally what happens), but never when I'm outside, just when I'm opening the door to come in.... >.> ......Hmmm....

    I don't know if even explained that right... I think I confused myself ^_^

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