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Thread: What brand of wipes do you like?

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    Default What brand of wipes do you like?

    As a experience mommy, I've had plenty of opportunities to try out different types of baby wipes. I was wondering, which brand or brands is everyone's favorite out here? When I use the pampers wipes, I thought they were all too soapy. The best ones I found with the Huggies ones. Also, the store brands were pretty cool too. Take care

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    I love huggies wipes. Pampers are too thin. Otherwise I'm not all that particular. Whatever keeps me clean.

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    That's the other complaint I had about the pampers wipes, they were also too thin. The Heggies ones were about the most indestructible I think. There was another branch on my iPhone won't spell it right. But they came in the type of containers that you can use like building blocks after you're finished with them.

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    I used to use the "lego"-style huggies too. Now I go to Sams Club and get the adult wipes. The fact that they are bigger are a lot more convenient.

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    I get the Walmart scented wipes, they're durable, soft, cheap, plentiful and they smell nice
    and every now and then i'll use Luvs wipes.

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    I normally get huggies with natural care wipes with the cartoons on the packaging like Poo Bear

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    I use various types of Huggies, they don't seem to fall apart like others. Plus they do have a rewards thing that you can get amazon gift cards and things if you go through a lot or use their other products and also have points from that.

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    Default What brand of wipes do you like?

    I use pampers sensitive skin wipes. I've never had a problem with them also love the smell of them. Plus I'm all about the pampers diapers that all I wear. So I just use all pampers stuff.

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    I've been using Assurance adult wipes from Walmart. I didn't know Sams had adult wipes...I'll have to check that out.

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