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Thread: To further prove that no one cares...

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    Default To further prove that no one cares...

    Last weekend my family was in town and we went to a great garden center (that's what we do, don't hate). I was wearing under my jeans (my family knows and is cool). I walked by a fountain display and tripped over one of the rocks. I have really weak knees from being hit by a car and I fell flat on my face. When I got up I looked behind me to see if the two employees had noticed the fact that I was wearing a rather large adult diaper. They both had straight, uninterested faces.

    Later on in the week it came up in conversation with my wife that when I fell the two employees did somewhat of a double-take when I fell, because apparently my diaper was on full display. I was shocked, because like I said before, by the time I stood up and looked around, no one was even paying me any mind.

    It just goes to show you, that even when (by accident) people are confronted by the fact that you are wearing, they just don't care. And I take comfort in that.

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    The only thing I can say about this subject, and it comes up quite often, is that the last thing on a non-AB/DL person's mind is that the undergarments that people are wearing are diapers. It is seriously the LAST thing that they would think we are wearing. I would be willing the bet that nobody thinks about what undergarments people are wearing, let alone the fact that we are all wearing diapers.

    Now as far as us on this forum, of course we all think everybody is wearing diapers. In fact, we all wish everybody was wearing. Then again, we are not really representative of mainstream society.

    (Sorry for the poor grammar tonight. Its the beer talking.)

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    I agree that one's undergarments are typically the last thing on someone else's mind on a given day.

    To my knowledge, no one has ever noticed me wearing a diaper, but even if someone saw my diaper, I would have bigger fish to fry.

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    Yeah, I don't think people are gonna be that phased by what we're wearing under our clothing...unless they're assholes of course...and hosts of certain TV shows.

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