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    So due to financial constraints I recently rented a room in a wonderful house. My roommates are great and I have a lock on my room which allows me the privacy a 24/7 diaper wearer needs. I got out of my car in the garage and grabbed my work-out "diaper" bag. I notice it snag a little on my car but didn't glance back. I walked into the house and was chatting with one roommate. I glanced down and noticed the bag open and that the spare X-plus I keep in there was missing. I quickly excused myself and headed back in the garage. At the same time I walked out, my other roommate was pulling his car in the garage. I quickly darted in front of him as I noticed the Abena X-plus just sitting in the middle of the garage. I swiped it off the ground and stashed it in my diaper bag with a brisk move and am 90% sure that he didn't have time to see what I picked up.

    10 seconds later and I am sure this story would have a very different ending.

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    Intense. I've had a similar close call like this one - I had a few pull ups under my bed and I was having a party at my house, and then it was time to go to sleep so I was getting my mattress out for all of us to sleep in the living room, and as I lift my mattress I see the pull ups and quickly grab them and throw them under my bed... And I looked around nonchalantly and no one seemed to notice the 3 pink pull ups under my mattress, major sigh of relief lol

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    It reminds me of the time at least ten years ago when my wife saw a pair of plastic pants that had fallen out from my hiding place on to the floor in the closet. The morning after my diaper day, my wife woke up to go to work and saw them. She immediately asked what they were as I jumped up and grabbed them and put them into my backpack. I said they were a plastic bag I needed for something (I don't remember exactly what I said). She is not very observant and never asked again what it was that she saw. They were the baby print Gary plastic pants. Really obvious. There are times I am blessed that my wife is relatively oblivious to things.

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