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Thread: i lurk, apparently

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    Default i lurk, apparently

    im an 18 year old of the male gender and i would like to be a part of this site.
    im in college sorta. first semester for me is about to be over and that makes me very happy. im sort of an emotional wreck and i really want a girlfriend and stuff haha. midas well post everything about myself i guess -_-
    but yeah.
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    Welcome to our community. We're a pretty social bunch, and don't let new members lurk (instead we draw them into conversations). Look around, post where you find something of interest, and join in the IRC chat, too.

    What do you think is making you an emotional wreck? Stress of exams? no girlfriend? no diapers? i'm running out of scenarios me out

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    but yeah, pretty much. except i bought a bunch of diapers the past couple days so im fine in that area at least.

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    I feel you on the girls, but do not worry about that at your age, like 95% of girls from what I seen are immature, until they hit their 30s or lat 20s at best. So just focus on bettering yourself in other areas for now. It is what I am trying to do.

    Anways welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Welcome! I know what you're saying as far as girls go. So yep. See ya around!

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    Welcome to the ADISC community! You're welcome here anytime, and be sure to start posting so we'll all get to know you better.

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