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    i am currently looking for 3 monitors that have a 2ms delay and DVI, Displayport, and HDMI ports in it. needs to be fairly decent size like 20-24in. and HD. dont really care for speakers in monitor as ill just have better speakers elsewhere. im trying to run a 3 monitor setup for my pc and i have two diffrent DVI, one HDMI, and one Displayport hook up on my GPU card.

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    You can get monitors that meet those specs in a wide quality (and price) range.

    You can spend $1200+ and get a NEC or EZIO that will melt your eyeballs and last forever, or you can get a $120 LG from walmart.

    I'd recommend just pick a monitor in your pricerange and read reviews on it. Lots of hit or miss. Things to look out for are monitors known to start "bleeding" light around the edges over time. This is a common fault of cheaper monitors.

    Also recommend you make sure all those outputs can be used independently on your vid card. Some cards have all the outputs, but you can only use them in certain combinations.

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    ASUS - Displays- VH236H

    I use these, however they do lack DisplayPort.

    I have a trio of them, two are on DVI, the third is using an active single link DisplayPort->DVI adaptor. I use the trio for film editing, though I'm considering upgrading one to something much larger at 27" with 2560x1440. It'd make Adobe software a lot nicer to go around over 1920x1080.

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    It comes down to what you really want... office, gaming, picture/video editing?

    An allrounder will be expensive, gaming or office will be rather cheap, depending on what you want to have.
    Color fidelity can be very pricey, since they use IPS/MVA/PVA and so on -panels, hence a static contrast of 3000+, where TN panels only achieve 800-1200~ (dynamic contrast is just marketing, though those mentioned have an "infinite dynamic contrast" fyi)

    PRAD | Index Welcome Page - has really good tests and will also tell you the input lag and the real latency, i.e. black-white and in reverse, the usual 2/5/8ms is just grey to grey ;)

    From my personal experience: I wouldn't want to miss a 120hz panel anymore, i.e. 3D, which I'm not using mostly however. But it feels nearly like a crt, and most tend to be made very well, so a really fast responsivness, nearly no input lag (Asus VG278H is just 2ms slower as a CRT, which is incredible, most TN panels are in the 15ms+ real time range~, pva 30-50ms) and mostly a static contrast above 1,1k~ calibrated. But they're pricey :(

    In your case, I'd really check out and perhaps also tomshardware and so on...

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    I personally am in love with the ASUS MX239H or the MX279H series. It's not 2ms though. - ASUS MX239H Silver / Black 23" 5ms (GTG) HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor, IPS Panel 250 cd/m2 80,000,000:1 Built-in Speakers However it has a very thin side bezel which I think looks very nice when you put them together. It's on my wishlist but I don't have the money to buy them right now.

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