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    Default Deadpool game

    Anybody interested in this, have it pre-ordered, etc.? So far, it sounds and looks like they did fairly well in relation to the comic and the character, and gameplay sounds like it can be fun.

    Will have to see when it gets out...

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    I personally can't wait for this to come out. I rarely preorder games, just because I don't like doing it (strange, I know) and I probably won't preorder it, but I definitely will be getting it when it comes. I never really kept up with comic books, but I love the look of Deadpool as a character and the trailers we've seen look pretty good.

    On a related note, I also am hoping that the Xmen movie focused on Deadpool (the actual Deadpool, not the horrible rendition of him seen in Xmen Origins Wolverine) still gets made and released, and sometime soon.

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    It's a shame it takes after Daniel Way's idea for Deadpool, rather than the original creators. Waypool is an abomination compared to them. But I haven't played it! Maybe the gameplay is fun? I was excited for it a looong time ago and then completely forgot it was coming out.

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