Today I am trying a new method to enjoy wearing the same diapers all day long at work.

Two Depends plastic outer layer (three tab "Protection") diapers
Two Tena overnight diapers
Two Tena overnight pads
Strapping Tape

I put cut slits in 1 Tena diapers, 2 Tena overnight pads, and 1 Depends plastic outer layer diaper

Then I stuck the first pad in the first depends diaper with slits in it and put that on. I then tucked my penis (yes I am male to female transexual - pre operation) as between my legs and as far back so it was tucked between my butt cheeks. I also made sure that the balls were pushed up inside me. Then I used the strapping tape around the waist so the diaper was as high up and as tight as possible. I then used three stips of strapping tape to make the diaper fit snug between my legs. The first strip between my legs went from the butt, up between the legs in the center of the diapr. The next two strips went close to each edge of the diaper (also from the butt, between the legs, and up toward the center of the diaper. The results of this was to create a diaper that can not come off unless i cut the strapping tape. The three strips between the legs caused the diaper to fit very very snug between my legs and acted as a way of keeping me tucked between my legs.

Next I put the second pad and Tena diaper on with slits cut in both - again making sure that the diaper was fitting very snug between the legs.

Next I put on the second Tena diaper with no slits cut in it.

Finally I put on the last Depends (plastic outer) and once again made sure the diaper was super snug between my legs. Then I used the tape around the waist very tightly to insure that one will not come off unless cut off.

I then put on a kitchen garbage bag with holes cut out of the legs and lastly a pair of plastic pants.

Now does all this give one a big butt - yes but not as big as it will be by the end of the day. LOL

Finally I put on a pair of really baggy (female size 20) slacks. The diapers however did give me a nice feminine looking butt in those slacks.

Now I am at work and no way to get these off till I get home. Its going to be a fun interesting day. Oh my YES.