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Thread: mental age?

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    Default mental age?

    Hey everyone
    i have to ask, what age do you see yourself at, or you roleplay at when you are babied

    Mine is 2 years old or maybe younger if my daddy wants it


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    I'm This many!

    *holds up her hands to show you completely oblivious to the fact that you can't see them*


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    3, but a very babyish three, still loves her paci and isn't big on potty training. (Basically, what I wasn't when I really was 3.)

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    I'm 1 'n' a half! ^.^ in the transition between baby and toddler, but still in diapers and using a paci/bottle *giggles* and wear clothes for both babies and toddlers <3

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    1 1/2 I like everything can't go to sleep without paci need formula but I still like crawl around in my onesie most of the time

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    My partner and I have a unique style of roleplay. Basically, we continue acting as normal, doing whatever we normally would with the only differences being the use of various baby items. Other than that, you couldn't tell us apart from average people.

    So I don't know what my 'mental age' is. Not sure I have one that's any younger than my real age, to be honest.

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    A 4-5 year old still in diapers

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    3-5 years old still in diapers and using baby items like a pacifier.

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