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    Don't know if I'm gaining anything from asking this here, but do any of you use wigs or corsets? If so, do you know where I can buy them for NOT half my weekly paycheck >_< I mean I am trying to grow my hair out, but it doesn't grow out very nicely and last time it took me 3 years to just get it to neck length..>_> and I want to get an under bust corset but i don't wanna end up buying one that doesn't work or that is TOO cheap, or even the wrong size... idk how corsets work as i have never used one before..

    any help would be awesome <3

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    Guess not :P

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    Well you're giving up fast ;). C'mon, just wait a bit and you'll get plenty of answers.

    While I cannot help you with the corset... never had one and I don't know who's wearing one.
    But for Wig's... since I know a lot of cosplayer's. Well they simply tend to get them from ebay, mostly and make them an "eyecatcher" afterwards, by adding ribbon's, tweaking the hairstyle a bit and so on (since It's pretty common to make a lot on your own, very often).

    Just wash them really well and you're good to go, if you're able to find one you'd like to have.
    Otherwise wig's tend to be really pricey, as you mentioned already :(...

    On a second note, maybe you got some friends, which are into cosplay? They may know some good sources to get this stuff in your local area anyway, also corsets.

    Good luck anyway on finding the perfect one's for you!

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    Lol thanks for the response xD, sadly no I have no cosplayer friends :P

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    I have five corsets of various designs, Glamor Boutique has well made under bust.
    A properly fitting corset is like a hug.

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    I have a corset, my gf has several...

    Now, depending on where you live and your budget...

    The best way to go is a custom corset...

    I had a couple of off the shelf corsets...not even in the same galaxy as one made for you...

    Now, if you live by a major metro area you'll have someone that makes custom fitted corsets in the area...

    Ask around in the steam punk, goth, and such groups, they will know...

    I think mine was like $250 or so, but it is made of silk outer, and fits perfect...

    Seriously, just save up till you can afford a custom is well worth the wait...

    The first couple were very uncomfortable...ended up scrapping them...

    My custom one...I've worn out for the entire evening to clubs and such, very comfortable...

    Infact, I've used it from time to time when doing work to help my back...I've got a couple of discs that don't exist much anymore...


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