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Thread: Dishwashing Woman!

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    Default Dishwashing Woman!

    Okay, so to those of you not in the know....
    There is a company called VIROOL which has a video on Youtube where they claim they will make your video go "viral" if you pay them.

    In the commercial they advertise for "Dishwashing Woman" saying her video has had tons of views...(thanks to Virool)

    So I thought....

    Guile's Theme from Street Fighter 2.

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    At least we know what guile's theme doesn't go to now.

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    Oh no.....


    NO YOU DIDN'T!!!!!!!

    Come on!!!!


    "She washes the dishes like magic!"

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    ... Salad with blue slime... My favourite!
    This video deserves more than 800.000.000 views!

    ... and yes, I guess thatīs a pillow... what a creepy lady...

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    At 1:05 the water splashes at just the right time with the music. That was touch and go for a moment there, but the dishes got done!

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