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Thread: Wonder if others enjoy that feeling when you sit down in a fairly full diaper after peeing standing talking to someone

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    Default Wonder if others enjoy that feeling when you sit down in a fairly full diaper after peeing standing talking to someone

    I am wondering if others enjoy this. I will be at work in my diapers (I do layer) and standing talking to someone, I will feel the flow starting and it will continue all the time I am talking to them. The diaper starts to swell and you feel the flow going out of you (love that feeling), your diaper become quite full. Now you go back to your office and sit down. The full soaked diaper squishes and you fell the pee flow back all over your but and the warmth spread up and out across your butt cheeks.

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    Default Additional comments on diaper wearing pleasures

    The feeling of wearing a diaper and feeling it fill up is totally something that if you had told me that it was a great feeling before I started wearing diapers I would have thought you mad.

    I did not like lots on here do anything with diapers untill about 2 years ago. I did not wear them as a kid or teen.

    I guess my first knowledge of pee play was from the net. I did on lots of occasions just pee my pants while standing on the porch, or while mowing the yard. I then ran across a web site talking about diapers and the pleasure of using them. Well I tied it and my god it was fantastic. I found that yes it is fun to pee your panties and to feel the pee soaking your pants. However the feeling of the pee flowing out of you and into the diaper and the wetness being contained and the diaper swelling is one sensation that is so wonderful. I do really enjoy being in a wet soaked diaper and especially enjoy it when the diaper is full and I sit down. The soaked diaper squishes so nicely.

    The other thing I find is once the diaper is full and if you have it fitting very very snug against your body that the next time you pee the diaper will be pressed tight against you and it causes what I call black pressure.

    Let me see if I can explain the feeling. The pee flows out but has no where to go as the diaper is tight up against you. The pee seems to want to go out but its as if you had a cloth pressed tight against your urethra opening and the pee seems to cause a feeling as if the urethra is being stretched and as if you had to go but was trying to hold it and really not being able to.

    Do others enjoy this back pressure feeling? Do others think this is not a good thing to do?

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    I understand the feeling you are describing when the pee tries to flow out but that it can't because of the pressure caused by a tight diaper.

    That happens especially when sitting and even more if crossing legs with an already wet diaper on. You can feel that the pee is blocked an that it's swelling up inside before it's suddenly released at last. It's a pretty nice feeling!
    However it's more prone to leaks as all the pee is suddenly released causing a stronger flow in the diaper and as it has no real direction to go! It happened that it leaked a bit on the sides for me.

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