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Thread: favorite nappy/diaper?

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    Default favorite nappy/diaper?

    Hey everyone
    im just going to put up a question up on here

    Which diaper/nappy brand do you personally like?

    Mine is Bambino because its my first nappy i ever worn so it has a special place <3


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    If it's a disposable then it's the plastic backed tena slip supers,but because I was born in 1958 I like a terry towelling nappy with plastic babypants.

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    I need to try a wider variety of diapers, but based on what I have worn so far, my favorite diaper is the Abena Abri-Form M4.

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    For me it depends on what im gonna be doing.

    Playtime/Daytime/Active Diaper - Cushies

    Bedtime/Nighttime Diaper - Bambinos of any kind.

    Quick Diaper Fix - Total Dry Plus or Unique Wellness

    Special Occasions/All Day Wearing - Aww So Cute, Fabines, or Abena Abri-Form

    Thick & Thin Combo - Active Ultra ^______^

    Favorite Non-ABDL Cheap Diaper - Tranquility ATN (for some reason they feel really babyish to wear :P)

    Sometimes I'll get the cheaper diapers (Total Dry Plus, Kendall Simplicity 3D, Tranquility) and cut the sides off so that its only the padding, and use that as a stuffer for when I'm in the mood to wear Cushies to bed :3

    HOWEVER, if I had to choose an ultimate favorite that if I had the money I would buy nothing but, and wear all the time - its a tie between Fabines & Aww So Cute (they are just too freakin adorable). I've never tried Cuddlz but I would love to.

    Yes... I'm quite the complicated individual -_-

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    kroger brand sleep pants they are all white goodnights

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    Well, I have cushies...but didn't like the fit...

    My favorite is 24/7 followed bu abena and molicare...

    Usually it's the one I'm wearing at the time...


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    I prefer Tena slip maxi but have a hard time finding them, have to use boots stay dry atm which aren't too bad but not the best.

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    My favorites are most likely Bambino Belissimos, though I haven't been able to try the sample pack of Classicos that came in a week ago yet. I do have to say I also enjoy the abu cushies, but they really need to be more absorbent for them to be my favorite.

    If Aww So Cute weren't so expensive, I'd love to get the chance to try those and they may even replace Bambino's as my favorite just because of how cute they are.

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    I like Tena Maxis best. Lilles don't fit me very well. The Abenas are nice but harder to get hold of.

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    While all nappies are great I am one of the weird one who really like genuine baby nappies, like pampers baby dry and others.

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