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    Smile Hi all

    Hi everyone, im really new to posting to any type of forum so please cut me some slack for being new if i mess something up. So, I have been wearing diapers secretly for a really long time (few years, since im 21). I dont remember why i started, but i remember in my early days (still being at home with family) I would make a diaper out of towels because I liked the feeling. Now, I live alone and wear them whenever I can.

    Thats a little about me.
    I have been recently (within the last week) wearing 24/7 (sometimes i have a absolute NEED to be diapered for some reason, and other times I can go months without thinking about it). and Ive been wearing these assurance for women but no matter when I go, I leak. Any suggestions for some more dependable diapers?

    Thanks for any feedback and suggestions. I feel safe here

    Hi guys! so...some of my hobbies are volunteering and playing my Xbox. I love that thing and I play A LOT! I love people and being around them so I find myself volunteering for tons of random things at any given time!
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    Hello and Welcome to the Forums

    To answer you diaper question most would recommend brands like Molicares, Abenas and Bambinos for the most part since they tend to work better than most diaper brands you find in chain stores.

    Anyways welcome to our diaper filled world where we all gather to talk about or Secret Baby Sides, Diaper Sides or even Caretaker sides but besides talking about that similar aspect we all share why not tell us more about yourself. Like hobbies or just random interests.

    Once again welcome to the forums, I hope you make a good amount of friends and enjoy your stay :3

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    Welcome aboard. I'm glad you feel this is a nice, safe place.

    I currently do the towel thing as well because I still live at home and don't drive.

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    Howdy and welcome to ADISC! I see you're in my home state of North Carolina. How's things back in Wolfpack country? Anyway, I hope you make some good friends here and find plenty of entertaining topics to post in.

    Stay dry and happy!

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