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Thread: Might finally be wearing diapers again

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    Cool Might finally be wearing diapers again

    I'm going to be going on a roadtrip on the 21st (was originally scheduled for 13th but something came up) and I was thinking of buying some diapers before I go...ill be gone for a few months on vacation which gives me the perfect oppurtunity to wear you may know from my previous post my favorite diaper is Goodnites...I was going to order them online from but I'm not too sure if I want to because what if my dad or someone finds out...please help should I order the diapers or shouldn't I...also does it say Walmart on the package when you order from them or is it just a plain cardboard box?

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    Whenever I buy diapers when I'm at home like right now for the summer I always buy them in the store and I put them in the trunk of my car and I retrieve them when everybody else has gone to bed. If I ordered anything online everybody in my family feels like they have to know what it is.

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    How old are you cd, and why does your dad still dictate what you can and can't wear as underwear?

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    Yeah, it says "" on the side of the box.

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