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Thread: Colours in posts...

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    Default Colours in posts...

    So, first off, I know this thread is very self-centered. This is me admitting that...get over it

    Anyway, I've always posted in the dark red colour since the site changed to ADISC, but lately I've been trying a lighter colour to make it easier to read. I guess I can't really be a good judge of it because stuff I can read others can't, and vice versa. It seems if I make it look good on the dark theme, it's hard to read on the default theme :/

    So what is ADISC's opinion on text colours? I probably won't get rid of the colour, or I would feel naked but it'd be nice to see what everyone else thinks of it...

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    My eyes are bad and colors with low contrast against the background are hard to read. The color you have now is fine, but some other people sometimes post in other colors, like light blue. These posts I just don't bother trying to read.

    I say be safe and stick to the default colors.

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    No, Default.

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    The lighter color is definitely easier to read. At least on dark_vb. Good switch, andy.

    Generally I don't like custom text colors. They make reading harder, but as long as only a few people use them they aren't really a problem. It is when every post has a different color that it's gets annoying.

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    I don't have much problem reading the colors and I use the dark theme, it's easier on my eyes and it looks cool. The only thing that's a minor issue is that there are a very few instances where the color of text is black, and that makes it somewhat difficult.

    As for your red andy, its not a problem at all. Personally I would seem very strange if you went with a different color.

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    No problems for me, and I use the default theme. I think colors can be a very personal thing, so it's cool we have some members that use different font colors in their posts.

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    Cinnamon Buns?? where?? mmmm, cinnamon.

    the colors don't bother me, they're my friends

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    I don't care...As long as people don't write in colors that are illegible to the normal human eye...I prefer to use the default, black though...I'm too lazy otherwise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    I don't care...As long as people don't write in colors that are illegible to the normal human eye...
    So no posting in rorange or light blurple... gotcha.

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    Footed P.J.


    Purple is OK, other colors just look tacky.

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