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Thread: have you ever wanted to either sit on or have a pushchair ?

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    Default have you ever wanted to either sit on or have a pushchair ?

    hi yeah so i was just wondering, how many of you out there have ever wanted to have and sit in a pushcair ? like the ones that little kids have.

    there is one downstairs at the bottom of my block of flats and whenever i see it i feel wrong as i really want to sit in it and be pushed around in it.

    i find i have confussing and conflicting thouthts about it.

    am i the only kne who feels like this about pushchairs ?


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    well like a normal pushchair. i dont know how to say it any differant. kids have them and their parents will put them in them or push them down the road etc etc

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    If you mean a stroller/ carriage, then yes. I would love to have a stroller and be pushed in it

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    Mr. Aurkarm has pushed me in my stroller once, and it was amazing! (amazing for me, at least. It was a lot of work for him.) I'd like to get something like this, as it looks much more like a scaled-up version of a baby stroller than does my old Convaid Cruiser. The new Convaid Cruisers look a lot nicer than mine does, and I know there is another adult-sized stroller akin to the Axiom, but I cannot recall the make/model at the moment.

    This is my stroller.

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    At times I have or rather have acted upon this but I think for me its more of action created by my laziness and sillyness rather than my
    *B side of life. Something about letting a caretaker doing it for the sole fact of treating me like a small kid though? Hmmm probably not...
    I guess it depends on the situation really.

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    I think it would be neat to wear a doubled up diaper with frilly ruffled bum a short pink skirt and lockable mittens then be secured in the pushchair aka stroller and
    wheeled about a park or someplace in a time frame where the possibility of being seen is remote but not that remote. Just enough fantasy fear of being in a compromising
    position with little or no chance to escape. All at the mercy of the person pushing the chair/stroller. And of course the skirt would have to be hiked up enough with the
    diaper cover visible to enable the securing crotch strap to keep me in place. Nice white or pink tights with frilly anklets and mary jane shoes to finish the event.
    Is baby now all comfy so lets go for a nice stroll around the park and see what kind of reaction we can stir up !
    No complaining now or the locking paci-gag will be needed to stop your attention getting mischief !

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    I would love to have a chair like the one above and have someone to put me in thick cloth diapers and babyish plastic pants with a tee shirt and take me out to a park to play. I would of coarse have a paci in my mouth. It has been a dream of mine for may years.

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    That's one of my dreams
    being in a pushchair and being strolled around the park sucking my paci contently
    so yeah its always be on my mind


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    thanks for the replys people. it helps me to not feel as weird as i thought i did but now i understand its just my ABDL side showing itself even more. maybe this is because im getting more comfortable with the idea that i am ABDL and its starting to not bother me so much lol.

    but again thanks for the replys people. but dont stop giving them lol the more the better i guess

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