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Thread: At a loss with my son advise anyone?

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    Default At a loss with my son advise anyone?

    So every summer I get my son for 4 weeks, normally his mother drives him here from ME but I am meeting her about 7hrs away. I asked my son what he would enjoy doing during those 7hrs and I get his typical "I don't know" answer. I have some movies and a few games on my tablets as well as his 3ds but he has ADD so that will last 5 min or so. Any parents out there have any suggestions too keep a 8 year old busy in a car? Back when I was his age is was shut up and and if you are thirsty drink spit but times have changed lol.

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    My mom had her hands full with me and my siblings on roadtrips. She kept us interested with games such as 'Can you spot something that begins with the letter 'A'? or First one to spot a red car wins!' It kept us engaged as we were interested in spotting things along the road. Kids don't always need gadgets to keep their wandering minds interested. They love learning even made-up games and hearing the rules involved or even made-up stories about landmarks along the way. My mom once told me that witches lived in the next town and if I looked hard enough I might see one. This kept me uber interested in trying my hardest to spot one. I still laugh at it to this day.

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    I don't know how registration plates for cars work in your country, and it doesn't work here in the UK now anymore either, but we used to play a game where you had to try and spot a car with a registration plate starting with A, then B, then C.

    It was cool because every year the registration plate letter changed, so when you started with A you were often looking at 20-plus year old cars! It was pretty cool! That's all changed now though.

    Also, I spy, tongue twisters, audio books, CDs of funny songs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talula View Post
    I don't know how registration plates for cars work in your country, and it doesn't work here in the UK now anymore either, but we used to play a game where you had to try and spot a car with a registration plate starting with A, then B, then C.
    the new game [if you want] with UK plates revolves around the town of registration (usually denoted by the first two letters). with the old system, we used to play 'spot the unmarked police car', based on likelihood, by a particular suffix.

    other than that, can't help. i decided long ago that kids aren't going in a car with me; they've got legs: walk (bloody sponges!).

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    I know this wouldn't be appropriate for your son, but me and my friend sometimes pay the "I've got a (random thing you see on the road) in my pants" game. It can get pretty funny if you play with someone of age.

    Usually road games end pretty quickly. The road itself is boring. Nothing really keeps kids entertained for 8 hours. He might end up falling asleep out of boredom, then it should go by faster for him lol.

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    Not a parent, but I was once young and do have ADHD
    Mostly I hauled along a few books to read and my gameboy with several games to play and a pad of paper to draw on

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    If all the road games are a fail, you could invest in a portable DVD player? One cool game that I used to play with my two is story telling. If you can draft out a pretty good story in your head whilst driving, get him to make one up too, you take it in turns to state a sentence of your own story and sometimes the mashed up story can turn out quite hilarious. If you both stick to your stories then it can be quite fun!

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    I had (probably still have lol) ADHD when I was about that age. My grandma, rest her soul, used to keep me collected in the car by challenging me to spot various semi's. Since I would be with her for an extended weekend - she'd give me 25 cents for say, a CFI truck or a dime for WalMart trucks, a nickel for gas trucks etc... by the time we got to where she lived - about two and a half hours. I'd have enough change earned to spend at the little carry out shop in her town on penny candy or a small ice cream. She also used this to teach me about money and how to save it up. I'd earn money on the drive out there, so she'd give me a choice - I could have the change right away or I could have it at the end of the trip and she would add to it everytime we went anywhere. Granted, she lived in Podunk, USA and highways were the way to get everywhere. I'm not sure if this would work if you live in a particularly large city. :/ Maybe you could give a penny for every red Chevy or something.

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    Ok one spot game was white horse you look for white horses the first one to call it gets it the one with the most numder of whits horses wins .:-)

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