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Thread: A little (very little) about me...

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    Default A little (very little) about me...

    Hi there..
    I am Fakename4me. And guess what. That's not my real name!
    Ok, enough of that. I like wearing diapers and plastic pants. (I bet no-one saw that coming...) That and wanting to try somewhere new is what brought me here. My other interests are cars. Real cars or toy cars, doesn't matter... They just have to have something to make them go. (In other words I don't really care for static models, but I do appreciate the work that goes into them...)

    Enough about me...

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    Hello Fakename4me and welcome to the group.

    Seeing the age I totally understand the preference for Cloth and PVC. Hey that's what we had back then, that's why I prefer that type. IS there a particular era of cars you prefer?

    Again welcome to the group and its nice to see another person who saw the sixties through little eyes.

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    Thanks, it's good to be here... I have known about here for quite some time but never have joined...
    Till now...

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    I've always had a thing for cars. Do you do any work on them or do you just enjoy driving them and making them look beautiful?

    I'm currently restoring a car from the 80's and it's taken a lot of work and money but it's almost done!

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