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    I don't know about others but I really enjoy when my diaper sags. By adding pampers baby dry size 6 as a stuffer, will that make my diaper sag more or less?

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    I too love sagging diapers but I don't use stuffers, but from my experiences the more padding that a diaper has or the thicker it is the it tends to sag or sag more than it already does/has.

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    Without going into the details, I'd imagine it'd make it sag less.

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    Adding extra padding would reduce sagging creating less space between the skin and diaper. If course it will be heavier, if the diaper was loose, it would sag more.

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    I'm also a fan of sagging diapers. For me they're flat cloth beneath plastic pants. After multiple wettings the saturated cloth sags several inches within my clinging plastic pant. When walking the growing pool of pee between my legs sloshes back and forth. Love it!
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