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    Well I finally dove in and purchased a 10-pack of ABU-Cushies. After my last thread, I decided this is something I want to try and understand so I picked them up today from FedEx. I'm happy so far, but I really want to get some more time to devote to them Maybe tonight I'll be able to.

    That being said, when I tried to put on my first diaper in over 16 years I'm not really sure how to get it fitting right. I read the article about taping up, but since the Cushies only have the one tape it's a little different. Any tips that people can offer?

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    "Practice" "Practice" Thats's about all I can say on those single tape diapers. I'm not a fan of ABU diapers.

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    Well, here's how I do it:

    If you look at the cushies frontal panel, you'll notice that on the left side there is a blue plane and on the right side is green balloon (all of them are like this) what i do is that I position the middle of the blue part of the tape with the ending of the balloon and the beginning of the airplane, and it fits perfectly every time. Now this is obviously subjective because my body is different from yours, but the point im trying to make is i guess it helps if you use a focal point for measurement. You could also do the higher from behind method, which is you pull the back of the diaper a little higher up (just a little) than the front, and the tapes do like a cross over to the front so that they are sideways , this makes the diaper really snug but if dont wrong can make it REALLY uncomfortable lol.

    BUt like Oleman said: Practice. I use to like single tape diapers because of the babyish feeling, but over the years ive grown more partial to 2 tapes per side diapers instead because they fit better

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    I could see why the 2 tapes are much better at this point, but for my first I wanted to try the one side each for that babyish feeling. I guess practice always does make perfect in these cases. Thanks for the advice! We'll see how it goes!

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    It took me some tries to get it right with the one tape cushies too.
    I found that sitting on the edge of the bed and then leaning back to almost lying down while I was "sucking in" my stommach was a good technique. (Hard to explain, but make the waist smaller)
    Sit on diaper, center it so itīs about equal hight in front and back, stretch out side panels, suck in stomach, lean back and then tape each side.

    When you stand up again, it should be nice and snug.

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    Well it definitely felt more comfortable after listening to you guys I think I might have had the back too far up when I first did it. So thanks!

    Had a terrible night sleeping in it though. Once again after a few times doing it I'm sure I'll be better at it.

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    My advice on these diapers is simply to ensure that the "belt line" of the diaper (the imaginary line between the tapes in back) is right above your hips and butt so that it hangs on them when you stand. Keep it there while pulling the front up until it's nice and snug, then tape. You may end up with a little extra diaper in front, which is fine.

    If you can't bring the front of the diaper up far enough to tape while keeping the belt line of the diaper above your hips/butt, you need next size up.

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    So you went and got the wrong size - no biggie deal. If too small just take a scissors and trim off the edges leaving a sort of diaper loin cloth.
    Now put on some loose fitting underwear stopping a knee or thigh level. Slide the trimmed diaper into the underwear/panty crotch and then
    simply pull up. Move some of the loose ends around and what you have is a modified pull-up diaper.
    Another thing you can do is place the smaller diaper inside the correct size and diaper up with double protection. A bit troublesome but take some
    sticky tape and use in several places to keep the inner diaper positioned where you want it.
    Now if you got a diaper too big same thing can be done trim the sides and position the diaper in the crotch of good fitting underpanties and again
    you have a modified pull-up. No need to trash or bemoan getting the wrong size. So now if you have a chance to get bargain diapers even if in odd
    sizing you will not be wasting your money - perhaps even coming out ahead with a practical solution.

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