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Thread: Urine/pubic area smell like wet diapers?

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    Default Urine/pubic area smell like wet diapers?

    I've noticed that sometimes my urine or pubic area will start to smell like a wet diaper and different diapers change the smell.
    Does anyone know what's up with this?

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    Its not the urine you're smelling, its the combination of that with the sweat or body odor you are emitting from wearing the diaper, or sometimes from using or not using powder, or from how long you've been wearing the diaper or how old the diaper is, so the smell can change depending on the deterioration of the materials, or even the difference in materials, but honestly the smell of your urine also changes depending on what you eat/drink. So honestly, you are looking at thousands of different factors LOL

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    Nope... But I have read that sometimes the hair down there will hold the smell...

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    I have recently been told that hair holds bacteria. I don't know how clean you keep it down there, but I use a BodyGroom electric razor to shave my diaper area completely - to the point that it's smooth. There is a major difference in smell, comfort, and cleanliness - especially after messing. Even before I wore diapers as much as I do, I never liked the idea of pubic hair. The only thing is, if you do start shaving down there, for the first few weeks you will want to keep some "bikini bump" cream handy.

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    I recommend shaving down there and washing that area after wearing a diaper, that is what I have been doing and I have not had any recent problems with any kind of smell.

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