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    I am looking to try new diapers i have been wearing goodnights they fit good but looking to try new stuff i have a small waits i wear a 29 and all adult diapers i have tried are huge and bulky on me any one know of ones that would fit me right ?

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    You could try Unique Wellness in small size. You could also try Tena in small. Bambino use to make small sized diapers but i guess they werent selling enough. Otherwise you can try for pampers :P

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    Tranquility, Medline, Attends, Molicare, Tena, Secure, and a few others I am sure I am forgetting, all make smalls. Just have to look around. Highly unlikely you will be able to walk into a chain store and buy smalls off the shelf. But companies do make them.

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    I was afraid to help you, because every post I make people seem to stop posting. I think this site just hates me now. I have tried a lot of smalls, and I can only recommend two that I think you will like. The molicare diaper and the tena slip maxi are the ones I think you should get. The tena slip is expensive. The Molicare diaper could be better with smalls. Like if you compare the absorbency drop from a medium to a small to a large to a medium, you will see what I mean. Now tranquility does make smalls but there atns line is a little bit wierd fitting, so that depends on the person. Abena does make a small, but I do not recommend it. When I tried abenas cloth backed small, it leaked through the material when wet and then the diaper became extremely lose overtime. The Velcro tapes just slowly pull away from the fabric and make you more prone to leaks. Since you have a 29" waist though i recommend you try some small/medium diapers. A good one would be the eurobreif. The only issue is I think they stopped making them. I have tried the cloth back attends but they were not that great imo. Neither were the brands like reassure, and the Americas tena brand. You can try unique wellness but when I tried them the plastic was to weak for me. I have also read a post about their quality going down some recently. Also do not be afraid to try mediums, you are at the size were you can basically buy some and maybe fit into them. I only tell you this because of how the small diaper brands are. I hope I have helped you more then this community has helped me lately.

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    i have wondered about the tena slips and how they would fit i just dont like loose diapers

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    Quote Originally Posted by hummm07 View Post
    i have wondered about the tena slips and how they would fit i just dont like loose diapers
    Well they fit snug for me. Some people have issues with their tapes, but I never found them a problem. You should be able to get a sample. No offense but I would get a sample from xpmedical if you can. Bambinos has it price pretty high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hummm07 View Post
    i have wondered about the tena slips and how they would fit i just dont like loose diapers
    Tena slips (especially "Maxi") can be pretty bulky as well, and have a pretty large waistband. Not the most discreet ones (compared to Goodnites), especially when wet.

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