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    I know lots have talked about the enjoyment of hearing the diaper or plastic pants crinkle and love the noise - so do I.

    I put on my two layers of diapers this morning for work and then put on a plastic kitchen garbage bag with holes cut out for legs - the cut caused the leg opening to be to large. I put on come nice stretchy panties to get the bag and the diapers to fit snuggly. Then I put on the plastic pants. I got to wondering about maybe using another kitchen garbage bag.

    So i cut out holes of the legs and pulled that over the plastic pants. WOW what a difference in noise level. When I walked around the house I could hear quite clearly the crinkle of the bag. In the past when I have used the bag - plastic pants over bag techniquie the heat of the body will cause the noise level to drop lots during the day.

    This time so far the inter bag quit making noise about an hour into wearing but the outer bag over the plastic pants has kept on making lots of noise from 5 AM to now 9 AM - love it.

    I will let everyone know how the noise level is by the time I leave work.

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    Posted in another forum:
    To magnify the noise do not wear tight fitting noisy plastic diaper covers; tight fitting clothing or multiple diapers.
    These tend to insulate the noise effect.
    Try to wear at least 1 or 2 sizes bigger than your normal plastic diaper gear.
    Best to wear a flimsy skirt or a very loose pair of shorts similar to athletic gym pants -or- even better yet just the diaper cover alone !
    Try to wear in cooler temperatures - body heat or wearing tight plastic pants next to the skin masks the noise.
    The cheaper more brittle plastic cellophane the better but will not last a long time like rubberized plastics.
    Stay away from lubricating with mineral oil; baby oil; petroleum jelly but cool water should be ok.
    Possible to wear two pair of noisy diaper covers - the outer one being at least a size bigger.
    It helps to have the outer cover of the diaper cover to be made of noisy ridged plasticated material.
    Oh you won't go silently - they will always hear you coming and leaving and even if they don't you will not escape knowing the noise you are making !
    But in reality the noise you make is in most cases only heard by your own self-conscience.
    The ambient noise covers things pretty good unless you are in a library or a quiet zone of work.
    But it is oh so much fun to worry yourself that someone might hear you and look your way and you have the deer in the headlights expression !
    Now go out and make some noise ! But be damn quiet about it you hear ! At least if you can ! LOL !

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