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Thread: End of my diaper/nappy life

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    Thumbs down End of my diaper/nappy life

    Hi anyone reading this I have come to a decision to quit wearing diapers, in the past I had a partner who was very understandimg about being a dl and would participate by also wearing ,we would change eachother and such like and for quite a while I was happy and loved her for many reasons , however that relationship ended as some unfortunately do. Since then I have met another lady who I am now in a relationship with who at first was completely agains the whole idea then one day decided to try it out to my delight and would wear both when I was there and when I wasn't and sometimes suprise me when I got in from work, since then she has again decided to be against the whole idea and said and this is a quote"made her skin crawl" this could be due to the fact her aunty used to wear for need and full time I have told her I would give up and stop wearing although I dont think it's right as she should accept me for me and shouldn't say what I can do in the privacy of my own home but I've decided to agree to it so I would like to say farewell to you all and for those who can continue and do then go or it who knows I may be back one day I will keep looking back over the few days for any replies bye for now P

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    Don't let her control your life and Don't let her control your thinking and give in to her desires and give up the thing that made you happy in first place is wrong,So don't deny your little side because if you do it can disastrous consequences!
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    Yeah, I agree with SennkohCoola, don't do it. Don't let her control you, she should accept you for who you are and not pressure you into giving up something you enjoy.

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    Most people (note - not all people) who try this end up quitting for a while, caving in and wearing behind the spouses back, getting caught, and then creating further issues in the relationship. It may work for you, but I wanted to make sure you were aware of the risks. Good luck with your decision.

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    Are you married to this person? because (IMHO) the "correct" (if there is one) response is a little different if you just in a relationship, than if you are married to each other. I think that to say "It makes my skin crawl" is not all that unusual for someone who hasn't heard or doesn't understand AB/DL. That said, I'd be done with my habit except for the fact that everything else in my life is more destructive. So, yeah, if quitting is what you want, more power to you, and good luck.

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    Don't do it, and theres 2 reasons why you shouldnt:

    1) because you simply cant... people have tried and you will not be able to stop thinking about it. You might be able to stop doing it, but the thoughts wont go away.

    2) because there are 8 billion people in the world and being with someone who wants to change something about you (especially something harmless) for no reason at all is not worth it.

    I have seen a few people "give up" this part of them, and not one of those people has succeeded. If there are people who have succeeded in abolishing this side of them, i have not met them. But the point is that you shouldn't. If her reason for not liking it has absolutely no rational or logical evidence to support it, then its not worth letting go of. You even said yourself "its not right and she should accept me for me." you are 100% right.

    But as everyone else has said, good luck to you.

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    I very much agree with all of the replies thus far. I'm not saying kick her to the curb yet but have a conversation about why you need to wear. If she has any want to keep the relationship going she has to be willing to compromise. If not then kick her to the curb and move on.

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    It says in your profile you are incontinent. How are you going to quit and manage having accidents in your clothes?

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    You are in charge of your own happiness. If the only compromise she's willing to make is that you give this part of you up altogether, then you are likely heading for trouble in the relationship.

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