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Thread: Using a Laundromat for Training & Plastic Underpants

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    Default Using a Laundromat for Training & Plastic Underpants

    Has anyone used a laudromat for washing / drying their wet undergarments? Typically when I travel and return in several days I can just take my wet undergarments that I rinsed in the hotel and throw them into my washer & dryer but when I travel for several weeks I have to use the local laundromat.

    After several years ago I finally got use to seeing my training underpants and PP twirling in the dryer and it being obvious to anyone looking at the glass front door. The washers are usually the top input fully closed units (no way to see what is inside unless you open the lid). Unfortunately the dryers are glass front and quite large. I then really noticed that nobody really cares and are typcially reading the paper or watching the TV.

    Of course I am confident some folks have seem my trainers and PP (only for a few minutes - do not want to damage the PP with high heat). The hard part is just taking out my PP after a few minutes and putting them into my gym bag and being discreet.

    Anyone else go through this and any tips?

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    How would they know they are yours? I mean, people at the laundromat typically couldn't care less what you are washing (or drying). Even if they see them, they probably just think you have a small child - if they think anything at all.

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    When I lived in an apartment complex I had to use the laundromat to wash my cloths. While I usually wear disposables I do have a few pairs of plastic pants and a few onesies and sleepers that need washing. I usually wash the sleepers with blankets so folks just think it's some sort of throw fleece. When it comes to the plastic pants and onesies I find putting them into white laundry bags and throwing them with the rest of the wash works fairy well at concealing what's inside the bag. Though, I find most people aren't really concerned with what you're washing so much as whether you're tying up a machine.

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    I'm sure your not the only one washing diapers in a laundromat. I've done it before but not soiled, only wet. It's not the worst that gets cleaned. A lot of restaurants wash their rags and aprons that are full of nasty grease and what not.

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    I've taken brand new adult cloth diapers to the coin-op laundry before. The prepping process goes so much faster when you can use multiple large washers and dryers at the same time. I don't think I could bring myself to take my used diapers there, and thankfully I don't have to.

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    They know they are mine when I walk up to the dryer when it is finished. I agree no one really cares but even I look around alot when I am waiting on my clothes to complete the washer / dryer cycle. You can see some strange items through the dryer glass (i.e. large teddy bear, once saw a banana (I don't know why, practical joke on some one?), strange design sheets, etc.). My training underpants are for an adult and some are rather thick; much too big for a small child. Same goes for my plastic pants size 34 waist.

    Great idea about the sack and putting my personal items in it and then into the dryer - thanks reddawn!

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