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Thread: What do you drive?

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    Default What do you drive?

    I think there have been posts on this subject before, but people change cars - and I'm pretty sure it's been a while. So, being an automotive engineering student, I'm curious to know what everyone drives! I know just about anything there is to know about the auto industry in modern times, and know quite a bit of American motor history. I don't like old "classic" cars at all, but rather enjoy keeping up with the latest offerings. I own two vehicles. I have two 2008 Kia Sedona EX minivans, both fully loaded. I bought both used, and put high mileage on them -between being a private courier and commuting to college classes - mixed with living in the middle of nowhere - I put on approximately 250 miles in a normal weekday. My Kias have 214,000 and 242,000 miles on them. The lower-mileage one was my first car.
    So, what do you drive?

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    I drive a Pontiac Grand Prix SE, a GMC Jimmy 4x4 SLS and a Ford Taurus SE. All are older models and are paid off and that saves me TONS of cash!

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    My last car was a Rover 216 SLi, but I wrote it off about 10 years ago and haven't bothered to get another car as I got sick of driving.

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    I drive a 2002 Vauxhall (Opel) Corsa GLS 1.7 Its basicly all I can afford but it gets me from A to B

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    I drive a 87 Jeep Cherokee with a 4" lift, 32" tires, and a bunch of heavy duty offroad parts. It just rolled over 200,000 miles. I also ride a 04 Kawasaki Ninja 636 and a 09 Suzuki DR-Z400 street legal dirt bike.

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    My higher mileage one is paid off thanks to a suicidal deer @ 75 MPH. They totaled it out, I bought it back and took the cash, then got some used parts...good as new! I still have about 2 years to pay on the other one though.

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    '93 Toyota Hilux, 2.8 diesel 4x4. It may be old and alergic to hills but I love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrTall View Post
    '93 Toyota Hilux, 2.8 diesel 4x4. It may be old and alergic to hills but I love it.
    Haha a 93 diesel. Put your foot down and wait for nothing to happen. I bet it's a solid ute though.

    I drive a 2005 Mazda b2600/ ford courier 2.6 petrol. It's a single cab so it's a bit awkward when I want to take two passengers (I normally let the person in the middle change the gears) but it makes up for it with a massive deck.

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    Brand new 2013 Chevy Cruze, and a restored 1982 Yamaha Virago 920.

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