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Thread: does anybody wear diaper while on a road trip?

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    Default does anybody wear diaper while on a road trip?

    how many people out there like to wear diapers when the are traveling?

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    Every time since 2010. So much easier than trying to find a bathroom in an unfamiliar place.....if one even exists! Yes, diapers when traveling are great. I have traveled with others who were not wearing while I was, and have seen the inconvenience it has caused. Diapers allow you to pee when you need to, and change at your convenience.

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    A coupe weeks ago I went on a weekend trip. I wore a diaper in the car. It was fun and helped me relax during the five hour drive, but I wasn't able to use it while driving. Still, it's a great way to beat the stress of long drives.

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    I almost always diaper up when traveling more than an hour or two. Sometimes I can't quite make it to a restroom or if I am traveling by plane, etc. I can easily wet if I fall asleep. It's fun to wear and good to know I will be dry if I have troubles.

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    On my most recent road trip I seriously considered it, as I traveled alone. But given the circumstances, it just was not to be. One of these days, however, I want to just get in my car and drive to wherever. I certainly hope to be diapered then.

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    always used to but now i have kids so not anymore though im still changing diapers just they arnt mine.

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    Oh yeah! Especially after getting off a long plane trip and getting a rental car to the hotel.

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