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Thread: Have the week to myself, so what should I get done?

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    Default Have the week to myself, so what should I get done?

    Wife is away, I'm using diapers the minute I get out of work to the next morning when I have to get to work. So diapers almost all the time, what are some easy babyish dinners? I'm planning on going to the movies in my footie jammies and a sweatshirt, it'll look like I'm in sweats, also planning on going in my onesies on a separate ocasion, so I'm not sure on what else I can do, any ideas? I'm also planning on enemas and messing, video games and usual stuff.

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    You should try shaving, then use baby oil, then a diaper. You can also try magnesium citrate instead of the enema, it's like being a ticking time bomb, you don't know when the urge will hit, when it does, you have only seconds to make it on the toilet. Try it before bedtime, it makes for an interesting time.

    Make sure you wear sufficient diapers to handle it, plastic pants are recommended as well. You can add layers of clothing, onesie, footed pjs, will make it an inevitable accident waiting to happen. Make sure you stay well hydrated drink plenty of fluids before and after.

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    Any time I have the house to myself, I always make myself a nice bottle of warm milk. I then lay down on my bed or the couch and drink it. If you get at the right temperature, it'll put you right to sleep, lol. I'd suggest trying it yourself.

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    Seconded on the mag.cit as a little to no warning effect. Works best taken on an empty stomach and well pre-hydrated. Trying to fight it is an exercise in futility often certain to cause cramps. Which can be good or bad depending on your feelings about them.

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