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    Okay, since I purchased a pack of adult diapers and have been trying to use them to get rid of them, I have made a very interesting realization. I can't STAND the way they make me smell after I have been wearing them. I am used to wearing baby diapers and pull-ups, but I never smell anything when I take them off. In fact, Pampers have a decent smell even AFTER being wet. However, wearing these adult diapers, I take them off, and there is an overwhelming odor of sweaty crotch and stale is terrible!!! I tried using powder a couple of times, but it was no better. I keep my diaper area completely clean shaven (not even stubble), and I ALWAYS wipe with Pampers scented baby wipes, and when I shower I always wash my diaper area with regular soap followed by Baby Magic. I do not have this smell issue even when wearing non-scented Huggies. There is a faint smell of urine and wet diaper material...and that isn't what is repulsive to me. It is the sweaty smell. I might just give what's left of these adult diapers to Goodwill and get back to the diapers that don't make me nauseous every time I try to change. It's disgusting.

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    Yeah the cheap off-brand diapers will do that. Try

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    What adult diapers are these? In my experience smell is very much tied into what you drink and eat.
    Perhaps you drink differently wearing the adult diapers. Or are wearing them for a longer period of time...

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    I don't wear them any longer than I wear my regular diapers. I only ever drink three things. Coffee, water, and one glass of orange juice a day. Sometimes in the evening I will have a glass of herbal tea. But that's it. I will search ebay and order a sample of Bambinos, but I'm doubting they will change my opinion.

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    I just purchased the cheapest sample of Bambinos I could find, 2 Classicos for a grand total of $10.32. I can't judge them until I try them I guess, but I don't see how they will be any different. NOT thrilled already that they are plastic-backed.

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    I wear premium diapers Dry 24/7's and Tena Slip Maxi's and don't notice any odor from sweat or urine. I do keep it shaved down there and powder good at every change.
    I wear a cloth AIO for overnight with plastic pants and when I get up in the morning I usally take my wet one off after I'm up after I pee again. I can pull my plastic pants
    off and get a small odor but I remove my wet diaper and rinse it out right away and put it to soak in the pail. I also let my bottom air out for a period of time before I put
    a fresh one on. I find doing this helps control odors.

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    I don't like the smell either but with the ones I wear are not bad. I wear Wellness Briefs and I just got ABU Sissy diapers.

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