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Thread: As a Kid-Ever stolen diapers/taken them without permission?

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    Wink As a Kid-Ever stolen diapers/taken them without permission?

    When we're kids (Hell, all throughout our lives) we do things we know we shouldn't... But temptation gets the best of us. Like stealing diapers or taking them without permission! Ever dunnit?
    When I was around 7/8, my cousin was still being potty-trained... Pull Ups. Quite a while ago! I took 3 of them (he lives at my aunt's house, right down my road) and, well...
    Let's just say I put them to good use...
    Got away with it without a single soul knowing!
    I need more sugar.

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    When I was five I took one from a friends house. He had a little brother who was still in disposables. My mom found it, made me wear it to bed that night. I honestly think that is what started my love for diapers.

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    I stole 4 diapers from from the daycare that I worked at and wearing all 4 diapers all the way home when I got done at work years ago.

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    The first diaper I ever used was stolen from my sister when I was 8. My mom used to sign up for diaper samples so my sister would have diapers for her dolls. When I was 11-12 I used to steal them from other daycare kids before I started staying home alone. I would stuff them in my pants and bring them home with me. When I was 13 I stole four Pampers Cruisers size 6 from my 2-year-old cousin. It wasn't long after that I got up the courage to buy my first pack. When I was 14 I stole about 5 Pull-Ups from my 3rd cousin who was visiting my grandma's house for the weekend. Other than that I have pretty much bought all of my own. Prior to being as financially stable as I am now, I would look in trash cans in the family restrooms at rest areas, and approximately 2 out of 5 times there would be a diaper that was either very lightly used, or not noticeably used at all - and I would put it on and use it.

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    When I was 12 I stole an adult diaper (first time I had seen an adult diaper in person) from a Sierra Club backpack someone (dont know who) had left at our house. I knew there was a diaper(s) in there after my dad went through it and said something about "pampers." As soon as no one was looking I took one (there were 2) and snuck it up to my room. It was just a cheap frilly adult pull up and too big for me but I wore it for months. My mom had given away my GoodNites stash earlier that year (without my permission) so it was better than nothing.

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    Indeed, I'm afraid I carried out more than a few unapproved diaper raids as a child and teen. As I've mentioned here many times before, my first indulgence of my diaper interest was in borrowing and using my younger sister's cloth diapers. I returned my used ones to her diaper pail, however, and the diapers had previously been mine, so... I'm at peace with myself as far as that goes.

    There were several later incidents where I did not borrow, but rather stole, diapers. I'm not sure which of these I've confessed to here before and which are new (search isn't helping me), and I don't remember the order in which these occurred, but: I once saw disposable baby diapers sticking out of the purse of a friend of the family when we were visiting with them. The purse was hanging by the front door, and when everybody was talking loudly in another room, I went and swiped a diaper. I later used it in the bathroom. I shudder to think how things might have gone if I'd been caught!

    On another visit to a family friend's house, I went to find the bathroom and ended up walking right past their baby's changing table and all of the diapering supplies. There was a package labeled something like "cotton gauze diapers," and being a cloth lover, I swiped one without really looking at it and stuffed it down the front of my pants, which were pretty baggy and concealed it well enough. Later, at home, I took it out to discover that it was a flat diaper -- a simple square of cloth. I'd never seen such a diaper before (I was used to prefolds) and had no idea how I would use it, so I ended up just tossing it.

    Thus went the career of young Cottontail, Diaper Bandit.

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    I believe I stated this in another thread, but when I was about 6 or 7 I got caught wearing one of my sisters goodnites by my mom, she asked me why I was wearing it, told me to take it off and never spoke about it again.

    I'm sure that at the time I didn't know why I was doing it, but I think that it would contribute to this side of me.

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    While I knew I had a thing for diapers as a child, I strangely didn't have the desire to wear them. When I was about 5 my mom bought me a pack to put on my baby doll. But it didn't occur to me to put one on, maybe because they were diapers and not training pants.

    Though one time I used the bathroom at a restaurant when I was about 14, and there was a pull-up in the stall trash can. I considered taking it and examining it, but thought better of the idea.

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    I remember stealing one from mmy neighbors garage, they had their elderly mother living with them.

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