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Thread: Ever noticed a stash of diapers in a public restroom?

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    Default Ever noticed a stash of diapers in a public restroom?

    A few months ago I was home doing some shopping with my cousins at a Toys R Us store. I had to use the bathroom, so I casually stroll in there. Take care of my business, go and wash my hands. Now what I thought was a stack of paper towels turned out to be a stack of pullups diapers! Now I know I wouldn't be able to fit in them, so I didn't even bother.

    Have you guys seen anything like this at other stores? Any of you take from the stash?

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    One time when I was 13 I used the bathroom at toys r us and there was an open pack of store-brand boys' training pants in a shopping basket in the stall. I figured someone opened them up and stole some. Back then I really had no interest in actually wearing diapers, so I highly doubt the thought of taking one crossed my mind.

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    I have never noticed such a thing, but at the same time, I rarely use public restrooms, so I there are all sorts of bathroom-related occurrences I could be missing.

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    I've left a pack of pull-up boys in a mall ones, a pack of little swimers in a target, and a pack of pampers size 7 in a parking lot. all payed for, and I took as many as i could hide in my pockits out of each. Only way I can wear. living at home and not having a driver license.

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    The family bathroom at my church has a pack of diapers in it, but they are size 3. Other churches I've been to (out of town and such) had the same thing. Guess I will have to check the next time I'm at Toys 'R' Us to see what you are talking about. Was this the men's room?
    On a side note, this being an international forum - underneath our avatars it should show what country we are from, as well as our gender (or what gender we identify ourselves as....for LGBT members). Obviously this isn't the place for this side note, but I was just thinking about it. It would be much more useful than seeing our post count or thread count.....

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    I used to go to state fairs that had changing stations that had huggies in size 2-5.

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    The only public place I've seen diapers at is the doctor's office, and they're baby size, so way too small to even bother taking. Interesting that a couple of you said Toys R Us had diapers in the bathroom and one said IKea. I'll have to check both these places sometime out of curiosity.

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    Local IKEA near my place has a baby diaper vending machine in the restrooms. Also in the men's.. I think it cost EUR 2 for two Huggies plus some wet wipes. They appeared to offer up to size 5.

    Handy for parents. I am still waiting for them to install another, offering the Tena Slip collection ;-)


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    I have never noticed diapers in public bathrooms, but I don't usually use them. Even, when I do use a public bathroom I usually just go and leave, maybe I might have missed something by not looking around.

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