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    Last night, about 3 in the morning, i was having this dream that i was peeing a long long distance into the Yukon River, (i know that comes from watching tv because i dont live in Alaska) and somehow while i was dreaming of peeing half way across that big river, i realized that in real life i had to pee. Somehow i did release a few drops into my diaper, but waking up today my diaper was nowhere near as wet as it usually is in the morning. I felt my bladder fill to its limit and woke up and got to my bathroom and let it all out.

    So the strange thing is, i knew exactly what river i was peeing in in my dreams, and i somehow woke up before soaking my diaper.

    I have noticed, that if i have a dream at night about me peeing somewhere, on a tree, in a lake, or if i hear water running if there is a waterfall in my dreams, its almost guaranteed i have soaked myself by the time i wake up.

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    We never seem to believe that our bodies/minds don't work like clockwork. Great that you woke and stated dry - but not so surprising - perhaps the bit of the dream you didn't remember was reading a notice saying "don't pee in this environmentally sensitive river! - It is probably just the kind of happenstance that allows me to very occasionally wake up in a dry diaper - no dreams involved but a nice thing to have happen all the same.

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    That is odd, but what would dr. Freud say?...

    Seriously, I wake up sometimes dry...usually its because I've only been sleeping for an hour or so...and this happens a lot...

    Anyhow, it may seem strange but I've never had or rememberd a dream except my same recurring night terrors that I've had since I was a kid...back as far as I can remember...and with usually only getting about an hour or two sleep ever I don't have them often either...

    I do like waking up dry from time to time as sorta seems like an accomplishment...41 years wet...


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    I wish I could wake up dry. I always wake up wet. My bedwetting problem has gotten worst over the years. First a couple of drops now puddle. That is strange to have a dream like that. When I go to sleep I don't have dreams. I used to have dreams when I was a kid. Now in my mid 30's its hard to have good dreams. I hope I can dream again. The bad thing is that during the daytime I notice a couple of drops. I know someday I will end up being diapered 24/7.

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    I think I dream every night but only sometimes remember the odd one or two. I do dream of peeing on a bush or tree and end up wetting my nappy. Only once did I dream of peeing and then woke up (still dry) but with one hell of a need to use the litter box.

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    I think I only ever woke up wet once. I woke up and realized I had wet a little but not enough to be noticed. Never happened again after that.... I was in middle school at the time and think it may have had something to do with the bullying I had recieved the day before...(this was years before I was able to get my hands on diapers of any kind and I was never a bedwetter growing up...)
    There have also been times that I woke up crying for no apparent reason.

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    i wore a diaper to bed last for the 2nd time in my adult life . My wife is out of town for a few days . I put on a thick night diaper . I woke up in the morning from a dreamless sleep in a wet , soaked and squishy diaper that had also leaked in the bed ........ I have no memory of ever wetting my self .

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