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Thread: If only...

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    Default If only...

    Saw this picture today in the IKEA restroom and was so tempted to actually do it. I wonder what sizes they have.

    If only I was that brave.

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    Oh well, I just ended up taking care of business the boring way.

    As a side note, when I am in my wearing cycle, everything reminds me I should have a diaper on. This sign was an obvious reminder, but I have had some seemingly unrelated things get my mind wandering.

    I get so distracted, it is a wonder I am able to get anything done. The thing is I kind of like the feeling. It seems to me that maybe not being able to focus is a lot like being an actual baby. If I could only remember what is was actually like to be a baby. It seems cruel that many of us have no real good memories of a time in our life where everything was innocent and wondrous.

    Ok, I'm done with my random thought.

    (Not sure what I did to get the thumbnails, oh well.)
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    That would be funny just to see their reaction to a question like that.

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    I don't see it so much as a temptation but rather as a challenge.

    On a side note, this could be like the 'take a penny, leave a penny' tray

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    They're probably assuming baby diapers though :p

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    I doubt they have adult diapers, unless it were in China..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOPaddED View Post
    On a side note, this could be like the 'take a penny, leave a penny' tray
    So, you're implying that it could be a system where they encourage customers (more than likely AB/DL's) to take diapers and leave their own?

    I guess that would be an easy way to get some AB/DL diapers without buying them online.

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    that would be awesome if they had adult diapers.
    It would be awesome if they handed out proper AB diaper :P

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    Yeah, I have a hard time believing they are talking about adult diapers.
    In fact, many restrooms have baby diaper dispensing machines, where you put in money and get either a diaper or a whole small changing kit (wipes, powder, diaper - I presume). This is a courtesy that they do this for parents of little ones. I highly doubt they do this for 'parents' of 'little ones,' as awesome as that would be.
    Heck, I'd sure go to IKEA a lot more if they did, lol.

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    Lol, I went to IKEA last Monday and my dad found a big bin of wind-up kitchen timers. So what does he do? He sets them all to go off in 5 minutes and puts them back in the bin.... lol!
    and yeah, when I worked at Sam's Club a year ago, we had diaper dispensers inside both bathrooms. I worked in maintenance, and part of my job was to clean and stock the bathrooms. I will admit that I once bought a diaper change kit from the machine at the end of my shift and stashed it in my coat when nobody was looking:P I still have it in my collection as a reminder of how much I hated working there.....

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