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Thread: What small things make it all worth it?

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    Default What small things make it all worth it?

    What are the little things that make living seem like a good idea? What are those feelings that you cherish?
    Feel free to mention diapers and ab things but if you do try and say something else as well.

    Examples for me:
    • songs that give you goosebumps
    • long hugs when you really needed one
    • listening to music on a record player
    • going to dinners at 3am
    • when your code complies and the program you wrote does exactly what you intended
    • falling asleep in a diaper
    • waking up refreshed before the alarm goes off
    • nature
    • insanely soft things
    • finding out that you are not alone
    • long showers on cold days

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    1. every time my son smiles and laughs
    2. holding, hugging, and cuddling with my son
    3. the feeling of the top fuel dragsters roaring down the drag strip (vibrations are almost orgasmic)
    4. the freedom of the open road (back country driving not interstate freeways)
    5. watching movies with my son and lil brother
    6. uh......Diapers....lots and lots of wet diapers
    7. watching wildlife go about their bussiness..(especialy the predators IE. wolves and cougars)
    8. Family
    9. swimming pools
    10. video games!!!
    11. computers
    12. Magic the Gathering (Emrakul the Aeons Torn and Blightsteel colossus for the Win)

    thats all i can think of right now

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    this has always been an interesting subject for me, and I have a running diary of all my favourite little things in life. its a rather long list, but ill share some.

    wearing a diaper (obviously)
    reading a good book
    watching a good movie
    listening to a good record
    drinking a good glass of champagne or wine
    listening to my fiancée sleep
    cooking with my fiancée
    a picnic in the park (especially when I’m in london)
    blowing bubbles
    brushing my fiancée’s hair
    taking photos with my polaroid
    taking a bath together
    champagne chocolate truffles
    soft shirts
    the smell of leather
    bare feet
    playing with puppies
    the smell of flowers
    bird songs
    short poems
    train rides
    the sound of the ocean
    rooster crows
    looking at old photos
    sunshine coming through lace curtains
    riding a bicycle
    pineapple popsicles
    the sound of a vinyl record at the end of its play
    the cool side of the pillow
    hand written letters
    hair ribbons
    bunny rabbits!
    holding hands
    ticking clocks
    walks at night

    and my fiancées laugh

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    What a nice thread idea. Let's see:

    Diapers, pacifiers, cribs, baby things (let's get that out of the way...)
    Nice conversations with strangers
    The perfect slice of new york style pizza
    Living close to the beach
    Driving at night
    Cool breezes on warm summer nights
    Ice cold beverages
    A really fluffy mattress pad
    Waking up at 3:00am and being super productive
    Having a perfectly clean home
    Making people laugh

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    That feeling I get when I strike the first note on a new bass or guitar.
    Adding a new instrument to my collection.
    Doing well on a test.
    Having a few beer with my friends on a nice sunny day.
    Going on an adventure with someone who means a lot to you.
    Coming up with a project and completing it.

    I'm sure there are plenty more, but I don't have enough time to write them all!


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    A full english breakfast (whether you're hungover or not).
    Cider (as in hard cider for US members).
    Just being able to hang out with your friends on a good summer's day.
    Folk Metal

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    Timing the traffic lights.
    Finding out that something that took you almost no time at all to do yesterday saved you 2 hours of frustrating work today.

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    Executing the perfect heel toe shift
    Disney movies
    Managing to hold a conversation with a work mate

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    Sometimes, getting up early, reading the newspaper, drinking coffee, and listening to my favorite radio station.
    My surround sound system, and listening to all kinds of great music.
    Reading great literature, re-reading incredible lines or paragraphs, and being moved by them.
    Enjoying our sun room, feeling the breeze through the screens and enjoying the garden outside.
    Enjoying the lake when I can get to it.
    Enjoying my children when they come to visit, or we visiting them.
    Biking or walking with my son.
    Writing. I love creating an entire world, people and situations, all with words and ideas.
    My wife, sharing with her, going out to dinner or shopping.
    Traveling and driving.
    Hot cars and hot rods.
    Boats and Sailing.
    Walking or biking in the woods, and having time to think about things which are bigger than me.

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    A Harley easing steadily down a winding mountain road.
    A Harley easing steadily up a winding mountain road.
    Flying along on a clear sky with a full moon over flooded Northern California rice paddies.
    The perfect dress.
    Spring Time.
    A Toddler's laugh.

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