I havent been on in a while and I am very sorry I missed you all. I started out as a carer my lil baby was very reluctant to tell me what he liked. It was very weird at first I have never heard of someone who liked to wear diapers as almost as an adult when I found out. But I loved this man and I wouldn't let him think I didnt love him just because of something as little as this. So I had him regress at first I didn't do much cause I was confused. Then I slowly began momming him I feed him from a bottle changed a diaper or two. Then it started turning kinda intense. I let him put me in a diaper. Found my self both intrigued and comforted. I regressed slowly each time. Just recently I found my self wanting it asking him to be my daddy for the first time and I was nervous me in my piggy tails and diaper sucking on a pacifier. whining when I wanted something. He held me fed me. I never have gotten to the point of messing in my diaper put I am comforted while regressing.

My man he never knew how much I enjoyed mommying him or regressing with him or letting him taking care of me till I took a break from the site he started rereading my posts. Sorry I left guys I missed some of my friends and those who cared about our situation.