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    Anyone the owner of a Raspberry Pi, or heard of it? If so, what cool things have you done, or want to do, with one?
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    Totally own one, and it's a fascinating little piece of electronics. To be honest, it's just another toy for me, and it took me so long (6 months) to actually receive it last year that I kind of forgot about it - but for 50 including shipping, I was happy with my purchase and don't regret it a bit.

    Unfortunately I'm not nearly as crafty as others and haven't dedicated much time to using it - it took me a few hours to just get it to display on a television with an old build of Raspbian, and once I got it loaded, I played with it for a while, got it on the internet, loaded some Windows shares and then turned it off because something else distracted me.

    Most recently a couple of months ago I installed OpenElec and booted it into that to see how it handled XBMC, and I was absolutely astonished to learn how well it ran. To be fair, in the grand scheme of media centres, it ran like a slightly inebriated turtle, but considering how low my expectations were of its performance, it was miraculous to me to say the least. It's processing power is on par with my old 99 dollar LG Optimus One 'smart' phone, but it actually handled a 720p video with only minor stuttering and issues. I wouldn't be surprised if in the past couple of months, the community has made even more strides in tweaking the performance and building for the somewhat powerful graphics chip.

    What would I like to do with it? I'd like to make my debut foray into electronics design and build some sort of on/off switch for it - as you probably know it has no such luxury - it just turns on when you plug it in and turns off when you disconnect it. I'd also like to mount it in some sort of enclosure and turn it into a tiny little server of some sort, maybe put a 32 gig SD card in it and run it as a speedy little development web server, or perhaps it has the capacity to run as a dedicated Minecraft server - I'll have to research that one. A bit of a pipe dream would be building some sort of semi autonomous flying drone dealie - it's small enough to be carried by just about any model flying device, though I'd have to research how best I'd approach it.

    It's really a bit of a marvel, though as with all things marvellous and technological, it's already a bit obsolete, at least as hardware goes. There are dozens of devices which are somewhat more expensive (but not dramatically so) that are smaller, more functional and much more powerful out of the box. The RasPi's strength is the super active community that builds for it and does astonishing things with it.

    Have you done anything with it yet?

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