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Thread: What is your favorite look for a diaper?

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    Default What is your favorite look for a diaper?

    What color or pattern do you prefer your diapers in? White seems to be the norm, but some do come in grey or if they are marketed to be used by a younger crowd they often have cute pictures, characters or patterns on them. What is your favorite based purely on looks?

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    I actually do prefer plain white, but the panels with babyish prints are really quite cute. I really don't like anything that makes a diaper look clinical.

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    I wear cloth and they're white, but I like some of the ones I've seen that have babyish prints. I also have some plastic pants with animals, etc.

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    I was raised in and around plain white cloth diapers, and I still find that look very babyish and fun. At the same time, I also like the all-over prints of disposable baby diapers.

    I'm very much a non-fan of the various lines, wetness indicators, and letters/numbers you see on the non-AB/DL adult diapers. Too medical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaddedInHesperia View Post
    I prefer all white.
    Same. But only for my diapers...


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    I love the adorable prints they have in the goodnites, especially the all over hearts print.

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    I prefer the ones with cute babyish prints on them.

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    I like diapers with the all over prints, and if it has a wetness indicator one like the wetness indicators of a fading trophy on pull ups. (I've wanted to try the feel n learns. haven't had chance. but I digress.)

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