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Thread: How long before change?

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    Default How long before change?

    How long do you usually stay in a wet diaper before changing it? Do you like to sit in a warm squishy diaper for a while, or prefer to get dry as soon as possible?

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    When it gets uncomfortable or leaks or it smells because I had been in it since the day before.

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    me i wear it for 11 hours then when i wake up i shower really good

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    Usually it depends on what situation I'm in (whether or not there are others around, if I kind find a quiet, private place to change at all..).

    However, since I'm fortunate to have some pretty damn good diapers as my mainstay (teddy bambinos), sometimes I try and stay in them a bit longer than I would a cheaper, more disposable (money wise) diaper.

    Besides, bambinos absorb slower than most other diapers because of their huge concentration of SAP. If you are patient, and allow the SAP to absorb over time however...then bambinos simply cannot be beat.

    When they are full however, the same property that makes them so absorbent, the SAP, means they tend to swell up a TON, and get very squishy. Usually, being able to tell that one is getting to be squishy is a good indicator that a change is in the near future.

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    Normally during the day I don't go past 7 hours without changing. If my backside starts feeling wet I will change out of it during the day. I don't like sitting in a squishy diaper.
    Overnight I wear a cloth AIO that I normally change into around 9:00 pm and take off in the morning after I get up I take it off around 7:30 am. Then I air for awhile before a

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    I'm with Calico..... Same as her. My Bambinos last me a while, but due to my frequent urination I go through three diapers a day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    When it gets uncomfortable or leaks or it smells because I had been in it since the day before.

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    Was anyone else initially confused when they were reading through the posts that used the word 'Depends'? ;-)

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    I try to change every 3-5 hours or so - or within 2 hours of wetting. I can't stand the smell of "old urine". Even if my diaper isn't at capacity, I change anyway to avoid that smell. That may be another reason baby diapers have always served the purpose for me....I change frequently to avoid that smell, and they usually have some sort of scent in them. A messy diaper has to go within 20 minutes, though.
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    If it gets completely full then I change pretty well immediately, but otherwise it depends on how long I've been wearing it and what I'm doing. I usually have pretty good hydration so they normally don't get overly smelly for me.

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