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Thread: Southern California

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    Default Southern California

    Hey, I'm having difficulties find a TB/DL in my area. I've been strenuously searching for about five years now, only to turn up nothing.

    I was curious to see if there is anyone in the Inland Empire area. Or to be more specific southern Fontana?

    Thanks a million.


    To start off, I'm 17 years old. I'll be 18 in January.

    I'm a senior in High School, planning on going to UCSD, UCLA, or Arizona (which ever accepts me).

    I guess I consider myself bi-curious. I haven't really had a chance to do anything with either sex. To the public and family, I am straight. To my diaper friends online, I am bi.

    I have been a DL since I was about 7.

    I enjoy tennis, swimming, running, offroading, most water sports, and of course, diapers.

    I have not been able to find anyone in my area for the past 5 years. I'm not sure if I'm not looking hard enough or what.

    I'm not afraid to answer any questions. I'm pretty open about everything and anything. I also have cam if that helps anyone.
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    Well first off its a incredibly bad idea to make a topic like this as your first post. We don't even know you and your asking "Hey can you hook me up with someone?"

    Anyway there are tons of *B's/DL's in South CA. The question is why would they want to meet someone they don't even know solely over liking diapers which is a sexual kink for most?

    It just sounds insanely bad and kind of creepy.

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    Ahh. I see your point. I never really thought of it that way. I'll edit it and let them know about me.

    Thanks for the help. =]

    I guess I can't edit posts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by diapersocal View Post
    I guess I can't edit posts?
    You need to post like 10 post I think before you can edit I'm not really sure.

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    Yea not a good idea to make a topic bout it. Makes you seem kinda... "creepy" best word for it I guess. But yea there are tons of them in So Cal. It's funny how like, everyone that posted in this thread so far is in CA though XP

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    I understand it is a bit weird, but I'm not sure what else to do. I'm not going to go around school asking people, "Do you like to wear diapers?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapersocal View Post
    I understand it is a bit weird, but I'm not sure what else to do. I'm not going to go around school asking people, "Do you like to wear diapers?"
    But somehow asking people that wear diapers if they live in your area is better? I don't really care that you asked, I am just letting you know it sounds creepy. Anyway friendships can NOT be based solely around diapers. It would make for a very odd friendship.

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    I think you can do a search on member locations if you're looking for a number, but other than that I wouldn't count on being hooked up with someone through a single link, especially a fetish.

    I'm in OC btw, if that helps the purpose of this thread

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    Hey there diapercal buddy.

    If only you were up here in the bay area. I've met and hung out with 3 teenage diaper enthusiast.

    I am going to be going to school in southern CA.... So we should get to know each other. When you can send me a PM... it'd be great to get to know you more.

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    Sorry Ryan_d, I can't actually PM yet. =\

    I would love to get to know you better though. Try hitting me up on IM.

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