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    Well just the other day before I sighned up to adisc I had a talk with my mom about me being a dl after a few years of not mentioning it and I asked her if I could order diapers and she said I could! So on Wednesday I ordered some medium abu super dry kids. I knew my dad would be off friday so I had to spend 35 bucks on overnight shipping but it was totaly worth it .

    So anyway i woke up all excited and anxious for them to get here. But then my freind shows up and im thinking oh great he is gona be here all day and im not gona get to wear them and am I gona even be able to keep a straight face when they get here then I got on my tablet to track the order and it says they are in Redding which is about 2 hours away and it said they were out for delivery? Then about an hour and a half later a fedex guy shows up and gets out of his truck like he had just taken a realy long drive and comes and hands me the pakage and seemed in a grumpy mood lol. So then I went inside and looked at the clock and it was 2. So then I went back inside and watched my freind play games for another 2 hours and then I got so board I started pacing around the house thinking great its nice to have him over since hes always buisy but I havent had him over in a long time but damn I wana go wear my diapers lol. So finaly at about 5 he left and I darted for my room when his truck left. So then I put one on and was imediatly blown away !!!

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    Welcome to the dl lifestyle! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Next time you have a friend over, excuse yourself and go put one on in the bathroom and wear it around him, hidden under your clothes of course.

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    Yea its great to finaly have real diapers I used to have to make ones out of dog training pads since they where similar materials but they were not nearly as good as real ones, I was amazed at how much thicker they were and how thick the plastic backing was , it was like the vynl on auto seats practicly compared to what I was used to lol.

    Also does anyone know how thick the plastic on the abu sdk's compared to real vintage luvs/pampers was it seemed a lot thicker than I could remember

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