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Thread: I did it!

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    Red face I did it!

    A couple days ago, with my new debit card, I ordered a pack of pampers size 7s. It was such a stressful experience since I live with family. I had to keep an eye on the mail every day since. But now I'm sitting in my first disposable in about a year. This is the first pack of diapers I bought, and I was at the pharmacy today and I think I can buy them in person next time. I am so comfy and secure; they fit better on me than the size 6 baby dry. I am just so happy I could finally do it! How did you get your first diapers?

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    Congrats! I'm currently conspiring to order some diapers myself, since I live at home.

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    Congrats on getting your first pack of diapers!

    Quote Originally Posted by TakingBackCharlie View Post
    How did you get your first diapers?
    Well, luckily for me, I was raised in cloth diapers, and my parents just kept them around afterwards, first to use on my younger sister, then to use as cleaning rags. Many were in fine shape even after two babies, and there were enough of them that most were just placed in boxes and forgotten. I, of course, found them.

    Consequently, I had uninterrupted access to diapers for most of my childhood. I didn't often use them for their intended purpose, however, because the plastic pants had been thrown away, and I could only wash them occasionally, tossing them in together with other diapers when my mom was doing a wash.

    At around age 13, though, my curiosity about disposables finally boiled over, and I hiked to the grocery store with my allowance to buy Pampers. I bought the girl Pampers to deflect any suspicion that they were for me (a boy), which was of course ridiculous. I was extremely nervous! But those pink Pampers were fantastic. I was in diaper heaven.

    So! There you go.

    Enjoy those diapers!

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    Nice, congratulations!
    I remember the time when I received my first pack.
    Back in the days, when the biggest Pampers would still fit me... well, kind of. Some of them ripped. Some were used. And some had to be thrown away.
    Oh, but I still have one diaper left from that time. For... no particular reason.

    Anyways, enjoy them!
    ... And... use them wisely ^^

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    Congrats on your order! I know what it's like ordering when you live at home. I just constantly check the tracking number every half hour, and pray nobody else
    checks the mail. Thankfully, my family are pretty lazy (all 8 of them) and i stay on top of the mail because i order "Books" from ebay. My first time getting diapers
    was at wal-mart. I had just got my first paycheck, and my mom sent me in for some groceries cause she was on the phone with work, so i just slipped a pack of
    Goodnites in with the groceries, hid the goodnites bag under the back seat, waited for my family to fall asleep, and BOOM! A very "Good Nite".

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    The first pack I ever bought was early 2007, and it was Cruisers size 7. I'll never forget how magical that first pack was!! Especially pulling out the first diaper, opening it up, smelling it, putting it was great. I had a paper route, and with some of that money I walked up to Rite-Aid in a snowstorm. Now, I order diapers in the mail frequently. No one in my family suspects anything, since I am an auto engineering student, I frequently work on people's cars and order parts. I keep all ~650 of my current stash behind a false wall in the basement.
    Buying them in person is no big deal. "Wow, that person is buying baby diapers. They are probably going to go home and wear them" said no cashier, ever.

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