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Thread: How to sleep better?

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    Default How to sleep better?

    I'm beginning to think I may have acute insomnia...I just can't sleep at all! It's hard enough for me to get to sleep at night (if at all) and then when I do, I wake up all the time. I know that stress can cause it, but I'm not sure I'm stressed about anything. Well, not anymore. But anyway, since I'm a diabetic I kind of have a hard time sleeping, especially around 1-3 in the morning which is when my blood sugar always peaks. I've tried fixing my sleep schedule but it doesn't seem to work. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to get to sleep and actually stay asleep? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    I've had sleep problems my entire life until my fiancé suggested Melatonin by Vita Melts. I kid you not; best sleep of my life.
    I take one and I'm out in 30 minutes. It's not like a typical sleep aid that forcefully shuts you down (horrible feeling) but it eases me into sleep.
    I've taken two before and it for some reason makes me have very strong and vivid (good) dreams. I just like to still be able to wake up immediately if I hear something that I shouldn't (break in?).
    They taste wonderful and dizzolve in your mouth. You can get them at Walgreens

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    I use meditation and often listen to music prior to sleep.

    I don't have a problem with getting off to sleep, it is staying asleep I cannot fathom.

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    hi lolitabunny i know how it feels like when you cant sleep i have that issue from time to time to its almost drives me insane somtimes ahhhhh hate it. well i dont know how your day goes do you do anything physical i mean do you work or go to school or do any sports to get your body and mind feel tired? personally i find it easier to sleep if i haved done anything physicaly like working or go outside and take long running trip and come home and feel tired .as for your diabetic make you not to able to sleep well i dont much about that maybe you should talk to a doctor about it.......


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    Well, if you can´t fall asleep: Watch an episode of The Joy of Painting.
    If that doesn´t help: Eat something (something heavy), and watch another one.

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    One of the best ways to get a good nights sleep is to need it.

    You don't mention how much physical activity/outdoor time you get every day, but generally people sleep better at night if they've been outside and done some exercise. You can combine both by exercising outside! Go for a run or something!

    I know it's difficult to get the motivation to go out and exercise if you're already not sleeping well, but forcing yourself to wake up early and go for a run will energize you for the day, and make you sleep at night

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    as mentioned, exercise and meditation (or purposeful relaxing) should help (diabetes depending).
    unfortunately, your age is against you on getting a good night's sleep; it affects a lot of young adults for a number of reasons. often, a person your age can run around like there's no tomorrow for days, only to suddenly crash-out for 12 hours (or more!).

    and you've also got to sync your mind and body in their tirednesses. most people will find that their body wants to sleep, but their mind doesn't. as a means of winding my mind down, i watch softly-spoken documentaries (BBC ones: no adverts to cause disruption) in bed. before that was available, it used to be the BBC World Service on the radio. even if i don't actually nod-off, at least my mind has been calmed and rested for a while (to help avoid the zombie-like state for the following day).

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    My wife is diabetic and so she takes one of those sleep medications. The other suggestions are all good as well. I don't know if you take naps during the day to compensate for not sleeping at night, but if you do, stop napping. My wife has trouble sleeping, and I have trouble staying away as I work two jobs, so we're all different.

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    I always had trouble sleeping and when I had a sleep study done I found out I had restless leg syndrome. I knew I did it, but I had done it since I was a baby, so it was "normal" for me. I got my CPAP and I can sleep through a thunder storm (literally).

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    Exercise, eat well (not a lot, but well), stay away from caffeine in the evening, don't do stuff that stimulates your mind before bed and don't be young. The last one is important, because being young is just so very terrible to the human mind, with all those hormones going all crazy up in your brain.

    The last time I had crippling awful insomnia: I had cut off contact with my friends, I never exercised, ate like a teenager (because I was one), drank Pepsi by the 2 liter bottle, coded amateur software like the obsessive nerd I was and lusted after a female I would never have or realistically want in the long run. The solution for me was to stop being such an idiot and embrace a little more structure in my life (a return to school after the summer break, plus joining the military later that year) - the solution for you will be a frank examination of the things you're doing wrong, and fixing them. If there's nothing to fix, you're probably not looking hard enough, or you're a panda bear.

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