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Thread: Birdseye Disposable Briefs, Anyone Try Them?

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    Default Birdseye Disposable Briefs, Anyone Try Them?

    I recently ran across these types of diapers from Medline:

    They appear to be a mix between a cloth diaper and a traditional disposable diaper. Anyone ever try these before? Just curious how they fit and what kind of absorbency they have. I would hate to buy a case of 72 of them and then find out they just aren't up to par.

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    I'm not sure they are "disposable" really. I think that may be an error. Back 30 years ago, this is what you got from Sears or JCPenny when you asked for an adult diaper. Essentially a flat birdseye diaper that had a water proof panel sewed on. Some were completely flat, you folded them like the traditional flat baby diaper and pinned them. Some had snaps and sometimes a little elastic in the waist.

    It was a package of these that I ordered once in college to be delivered to the catalog desk at our local Sears. When I got there the young female clerk insisted on opening the package just to make sure they were OK (I think she was sincerely curious after seeing the item description on the invoice).

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    I thought Bird's Eye made frozen vegetable stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GucciTime View Post
    I thought Bird's Eye made frozen vegetable stuff?
    It can be both. Cloth style or Birds Eye Vegetables. It's also relevant to views.

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    I had thought they weren't actually disposable, seems like a large waste. But they do come in a very large amount though, 72 for $77 plus shipping, so made me think otherwise. Birdseye Disposable Briefs - Briefs - Adult Diapers

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    If they're 72 for $77.00, they must be disposable. Birdseye clothe diapers are about 25 or 30 dollars a piece, depending on the weight.

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